Monthly Archives: November 2016

Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Program

Interested in spending a summer in Arizona State University while acquiring research experience as an undergraduate student? An REU position is available in Professor Wu’s research laboratory for investigating how energy harvesting changes the landscape of processor energy management and optimization.

To apply, please send an email titled “REU Application for Summer 2017” to Professor Wu with a description of your background, skill sets, and topics of interest. Please attached a copy of your university transcript and resume with the email.

The 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Thanks for the hard work from the ASU GHC scholarship organization team that makes ASU’s presence at this year’s Grace Hopper successful! The conference concluded on October 21, 2016, with a record breaking attendance. All of our GHC students (50+) were invited to complete the post-conference survey to share their experience and feedback. We had a rigorous and very positive response from the students!

The scholarship program summary, evaluation analysis, and survey summary can be found here! We are grateful for all the sponsorship we received to make this program possible and successful! Cheers!

Check out the news article featuring “Breaking Barriers to Diversity in Computer Science” (!