Jonathan and Salman to attend HOPE Workshop in Golden, Colorado, this July

2017.06.01 Jonathan and Salman will attend the HOPE (Hands On Photovoltaic Experience) Workshop at NREL this summer. In previous summers, Mehdi, Jason, and Jianwei have attended this workshop. This will be the second year for Zak’s popular PV pub quiz. Which team will win this year? The students or the professors?

Second summer REU program begins

2017.05.30 A new cohort of students has arrived for a 10-week program in photovoltaics research. The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site is directed by Zak. These students hail from everywhere from Phoenix to Japan. Welcome!

Two German students join the Holman Research Group for their bachelor’s theses

2017.05.30 Noemi and Jakob join the Holman Research Group from the University of Konstanz to study perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.

Joe publishes his first paper

2017.05.26 Joe has published his first paper, “Substrate-independent analysis of microcrystalline silicon thin films using UV Raman spectroscopy,” in Physica Status Solidi B.

Jonathan, Mathieu and Zak give talks at E-MRS in Strasbourg

2017.05.22 Members of the Holman Research Group presented their latest research results on nanoparticle coatings, microcrystalline silicon, and carrier-selective contacts to solar cells. Mathieu, Nathan and Zak celebrated afterwards with a hike in the Alps and a swim in Lake Neuchatel.

Zak wins teaching award

2017.05.05 Zak received a Top 5% Teaching Award from the ASU Fulton Schools of Engineering for the second time in four years.

PCASE scholars head home

2017.05.05 We said goodbye to Shah, Asma, Maham, Maoz, and Hira, our third cohort of Masters’ students from Pakistan, who spent the spring semester working in the Holman lab on solar-related projects. They were here as part of the USAID-sponsored U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy.

A new project on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells begins

2017.05.01 The Holman Research Group partners with the McGehee and Bent Groups of Stanford University to push beyond their 23.6%-efficient record solar cell towards 30% in a two-year NSF EAGER project.

Joe and Jason at MRS

2017.04.21 Jason_2017_MRS_silver_awardJoe presented a talk on microcrystalline silicon at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix. Jason received a Graduate Student Silver Award for his work with Stanford University on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.

Peter and Jonathan win DOE Cleantech University Prize at Rice

2017.04.09 Peter and Jonathan took fourth place overall at the Rice Business Plan Competition in Houston for their Swift Coat business plan. Forty-two teams were selected out of over 750 applicants to compete. The duo won the $50K DOE Cleantech University Prize as well as several smaller prizes, including the High School Judging Prize. [News article] Watch the video of their final pitch. [Video]

Peter takes 2nd place in the ASU Innovation Open for Swift Coat

2017.04.02 Peter described Swift Coat’s future in the solar market in a five-minute pitch competition, sponsored by Avnet. His second place finish earned the company the $10K SRP Innovation Award.

Jason and Mathieu attend SiliconPV, receive awards

2017.04.06 Jason and Mathieu received awards at the 7th International Conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics 2017 (“SiliconPV”) in Freiburg, Germany, for their outstanding presentations on tandem cells and carrier-selective contacts.

Jason receives ASU Research Award

2017.03.21 Jason was recognized by the ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association for his exemplary research.

Peter receives ARCS award

2017.03.08 Peter received the ARCS (Achievement Awards for College Scientists) Award for the second year in a row for his commendable work on coatings with applications from energy to medicine.

Nathan is headed to Switzerland this summer

2017.02.28 Nathan will head to EPFL PV-Lab, Zak’s former lab in Neuchatel, Switzerland, this summer on a ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship. He will be working with Mathieu, who has returned to PV-Lab as a group leader, on new solar cell contact materials. Nathan will start this scholarship immediately following his internship at NREL. We hope he will eventually return to ASU to finish his undergraduate degree…

Peter receives Zero Mass Water Materials award

2017.02.13 Peter won the Zero Mass Water Materials Award for his Swift Coat pitch in the semi-finals of the ASU Innovation Open.

Holman Research Group teams up with Navillum on next-generation displays

2017.02.01 Navillum Nanotechnologies, a start-up manufacturing luminescent quantum dots, and the Holman Research Group have received an NSF SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant to form quantum-dot coatings with superior color rendering than present displays, like televisions.

Zak at SPIE Photonics West

2017.01.30 Zak gave an invited talk at the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco on the topic of tandem solar cells with infrared-tuned silicon bottom cells.

New SULI Intern at NREL

2017.01.12 Nathan Rodkey, undergraduate researcher and webmaster extraordinaire, heads off to NREL for a semester to study III-V photoelectrochemical cells as part of the DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program.

PCASE scholars return home after a long journey

2016.12.10 The second cohort of MS students participating in the US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCASE)—Mehwish, Qudsia, Farah, Asad, and Waqar—completed their semester-long internship in the Holman Group and, following a rousing game of cricket, boarded a flight to head home.

Ngoni Mugwisi earns Rhodes Scholarship!

Ngoni Mugwisi2016.12.09 Ngoni Mugwisi, a senior who is writing his Barrett Honors thesis in the Holman Research Group on cost models for tandem solar cells, earned a Rhodes Scholarship and will begin his graduate studies at Oxford next fall. [Article]

Team Heliovation wins best-senior-design-project award

2016.12.02 Team Heliovation, an ECEE senior design team working with Zak and a leading CSP power plant developer to model stand-alone heliostats, won the Palais Senior Design Prize. This is the second consecutive team mentored by Zak to win a best-senior-design-project award.

Holman Research Group teams up with Malachite to reduce the cost of solar cells

2017.12.01 Malachite, a vacuum coatings equipment supplier, and the Holman Research Group have received an NSF SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant to fabricate silicon heterojunction solar cells with low-CapEx manufacturing tools.

The Holman group continues to grow: Two new postdocs and two graduate students join the cause!

2016.11.21 Two new postdocs—Martyn Fisher and Drew Swanson—join the Holman Research Group to lead new efforts on wide-bandgap II-VI solar cells for tandems and on thermally insulating single-pane windows. Two new PhD students, Will Weigand and Jonathan Bryan, also joined the group earlier in the fall but we forgot to let y’all know about them. See their shining faces on the People page.

DOE supports ASU and UNL perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell project

2017.11.01 The Huang Research Group at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, asks the Holman Research Group to join an ongoing DOE SunShot NextGen III grant to develop high-efficiency perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells.

Zak joins the ASU Trustees

2016.10.28 Zak was named a Trustees of ASU Professor—one of only three at the university—and presented the group’s work to the Trustees during their October meeting. The position comes with $75,000 in discretionary funding over five years. [Article]

Kate speaks at Solar PACES conference in Abu Dhabi

2017.10.14 Kate presented the latest PV Mirror research results to a CSP audience in Abu Dhabi. The technology was featured in the closing session as the most compelling innovation in trough-collector technology presented at the conference.

Mehdi publishes his first paper

2017.09.30 Mehdi has published his first paper, “Accuracy of expressions for the fill factor of a solar cell in terms of its open-circuit voltage and ideality factor,” in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Another faculty award for Zak!

2016.09.27 Zak received the inaugural Joseph C. Palais Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award. The award, created by long-time ECEE faculty member, Graduate Program Chair, and fiber optics expert Joseph Palais, recognizes excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Selecting tandem partners for silicon cells

2016.09.26 Jason, Mehdi, and Zak published a Comment in Nature Energy describing a design methodology for tandem solar cells using a concept called “spectral efficiency.” [Paper]

Holman Research Group wins two Sunshot awards

2016.09.26 mnj ASU took 5 out of 19 awards from the latest Sunshot initiative funding program (PVRD), two of these awards going to projects led by Zak. One aims at demonstrating high-efficiency and cost-effective II-VI on silicon tandem solar modules, while the other aims at increasing the reliability while decreasing the cost of back-contacted silicon module. An ASU article and the funding agency website give more details about the projects.

Holman Research Group well represented at the Arizona Student Energy Conference

2016.09.20 mnj Six Holman Group members, five REU students, and five PCASE scholars attended the 2016 Arizona Student Energy Conference at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Zak gave a talk about tandem solar cells, several students presented posters, and Jason won a best poster award. A few pictures here.

PVmirror highlighted by ARPA-E

2016.08.22 The PVmirror project was highlighted in an ARPA-E news article which features an interview of Roger Angel and Zak, as well as a video of the testing of PVmirrors.

New DOE-funded project on tandem solar cells

2016.08.01 mnj A new project recently started aiming at demonstrating an unconventional concept of tandem system to raise photovoltaics module efficiency to greater than 30 percent. This project and the other ASU project funded from this call were highlighted in ASU news, as well as in local news. All funded projects are described here.

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