January 2018: Our paper on the effect of plastic anisotropy on the deformation of bicrystalline Al films is published in Acta Materialia (pdf).

June 2017: Ehsan Izadi defends his PhD dissertation!

April 2017: Rohit Sarkar defends his PhD dissertation!

February 2017: Ehsan wins Best Poster Award at 2017 TMS annual meeting!

November 2016: Rohit Berlia passes his PhD qualifying exam. Ehsan completes his proposal defense.

October 2016: Our paper on grain rotations in ultrafine-grained aluminum films is published in Materials and Design (pdf).

September 2016: Our paper exploring structural rearrangements and anelasticity in nanoscale metallic glass films is published in Materials Research Letters (pdf).

August 2016: Paul Rasmussen joins our lab. Welcome Paul!

June 2016: Our paper on PDMS flow in microchannels is published in Soft Matter (pdf).

April 2016: Our paper on measuring local, atomic-level elastic strains in metallic glass films is published in Ultramicroscopy (pdf). Suhas completes his MS thesis defense! He will be starting his PhD in materials science at Johns Hopkins University in September.

March 2016: Our paper on texture dependent strain rate sensitivity in UFG metal films is published in Scripta Materialia (pdf).

February 2016: Rohit Sarkar completes his proposal defense.

November 2015: Our paper on electron beam effects during in situ TEM deformation is published in Scientific Reports (pdf).

Feb 2015: Dr. Rajagopalan wins NSF CAREER Award (link)

July 2014: Demonstration of MEMS based mechanical testing to high school seniors via the SEE@ASU program (link)

June 2014: Tim defends his masters thesis on PDMS flow in micro channels! He will be starting his PhD in Georgia Tech in August.

June 2014: Abhinav joins group to do his masters thesis on soft PDMS force sensors.

May 2014: Andrea defends her Honors thesis on strain rate sensitivity of aluminum thin films! She will be joining Raytheon in Tuscon.

February 2014: Our paper on the mechanical behavior of tin whiskers is published in the Journal of Electronic Materials (pdf).

January 2014: Our paper on self-propelled biohybrid swimmers is published in Nature Communications (pdf). See coverage in the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, MSN NZ, Business Standard, IEEE Spectrum, R&D Magazine,, Gizmag, Science Daily and here…

October 2013: Our paper on fabrication of 1D PDMS microstructures is published in JMEMS (pdf).

July 2013: Tim joins the group to do his masters thesis on fluid flow in micro channels.

February 2013: Our book chapter on the mechanics of neurons is published in Nano and Cell Mechanics (Eds. Horacio Espinosa and Gang Bao).

August 2012: Rohit and Ehsan (PhD students) join the group.

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