Research Team

Dr. Johnson’s research team of 20 people incorporates skill sets from six disciplinary backgrounds and actively collaborates with universities, national laboratories, industry, non-governmental organizations, and international or foreign entities. The team is organized into four synergistic cohorts according to research themes within the Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS).

Join the Lab

If you are interested in joining our research team, contact Dr. Johnson at or 480-727-5271.

Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Yasser Yasaei, Electrical Engineering
  • Briana Lucero, Systems Engineering (past)

Doctoral Students

  • Vishnu Budama, Mechanical Engineering
  • Brandon Gorman, Sustainable Engineering
  • Samantha Janko, Systems Engineering
  • James Nelson, Systems Engineering
  • Shammya Saha, Electrical Engineering
  • Nathan Webster, Systems Engineering

Masters students

  • Derek Hamel, Software Engineering
  • Mariana Lopes, Sustainable Engineering
  • Evvan Morton, Sustainable Engineering
  • Malena Agyemang, Sustainable Engineering (past)
  • Joseph Cardwell, Engineering (past)
  • Kashyap Chimatapu, Engineering (past)
  • Dhiwaakar Purusothaman, Electrical Engineering (past)
  • Kyle Reilly, Engineering (past)
  • Pablo Sanchez Santaeufemia, Mechanical Engineering (past)
  • Uday Singh, Engineering (past)

Undergraduate students

  • Dan Carmody, Software Engineering
  • Aaron Lajom, Software Engineering
  • Brent Kolste, Engineering
  • Alexander Mobley, Engineering
  • Sean Scott, Software Engineering
  • Mike Birner, Engineering (past)
  • Neil Flippin, Engineering (past)
  • Jennifer Flores, Electrical Engineering (past)
  • Mike Granato, Engineering (past)
  • Kyle Koski, Engineering (past)

Other Support

  • Joseph Sanchez, Project Coordinator
  • Abby Colquhoun, Office Specialist
  • Shaun Atkinson, Research Specialist
  • Jon Sherbeck, Fabrication (past)