Energy Efficiency in Buildings:

Supplemental Information for Modeling And Testing Multiple Precooling Strategies In Three Residential Building Types In The Phoenix Climate

Engineering Education Research:

Surveys for CON 252 and CON 453 Vertical Integration

140927 Risk matrix

140927 Midterm survey

140927 Endterm survey

140217 CON 252 S14 Site Logistics ICA

140218 CON 252 S14 Site Logistics Feedback

Research expertise:

integrated project delivery, energy efficient buildings, engineering education

Research partnerships and committees

Energize Phoenix

Singapore’s Clean Tech Park Scientific Planning Support Team

DOE National Laboratory Collaborative on Building Technologies, LBNL internal team

Long Beach Gas and Oil, Commercial Building Partnerships Partner

UC Merced, Commercial Building Partnerships Partner

NASA Ames Research Center, Commercial Building Partnerships Partner