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Dr. Francois Perreault received the 2017 Emerging Investigator Award at the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference on Nov. 6th in Los Angeles, CA. This prestigious award was given by the Royal Society of Chemistry for his involvement in the field and his high impact research on nanomaterials and their applications in the environment.


Congratulations to Doug for winning the 1st Place in the Poster Competition and the 1st Place in the Nanopitch Contest at the 6th Annual Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference! Both of these awards are highly competitive and require excellent communication skills.

Website is up!

Website is up as we say goodbye to our NEWT interns!

About the Lab

Areas of Research

Combine microbiology, chemistry and nanotechnology to address critical issues related to water quality and water treatment

Antimicrobial properties of graphene-based nanomaterials

Biofouling control in membrane-based water treatment processes


Francois Perreault
Assistant Professor

School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
College Avenue Commons
660 S. College Avenue
Tempe, Arizona 85281