About the Group

Dr. Pedro Peralta’s research group at Arizona State University is comprised of mechanical and materials engineers who focus on testing, characterizing, and modeling of materials under a variety of conditions. This website acts as an extension of our lab, and describes our capabilities, the projects we are currently working on, and gives information on our current members. In general, our group works on doing multiscale materials characterization and multiphysics modeling.

The main activities of the group are centered on deformation and fracture of metals, intermetallics and ceramics under a variety of load conditions, including cyclic loading, quasi-static, dynamic (shock), as well as blunt and sharp contact. Research on mass and heat transfer in metallic and ceramic materials is also part of the group’s activities. Strong emphasis is placed on structure-property relations and effects of microstructure.

Research is performed using an interdisciplinary approach, mixing elements of mechanical engineering, materials science, physics and chemistry.

For more detailed information, please visit the links shown above. Any inquiries can be sent to pperalta@asu.edu