Regional Water Quality and T&O Project

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Regional Water Quality Issues: Reducing Taste and Odor and Other Algae-Related Problems for Surface Water Supplies in Arid Environments

(A Cooperative Research and Implementation Program among ASU, SRP, CAP, EPCOR and the Cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler and Peoria)

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The goal of the proposed project is to develop a comprehensive management strategy to reduce algae-related water quality problems for drinking water supplies in arid environments.

All data presented on this website are preliminary results, and are intended for use as guidance by regional water quality operators in the Phoenix-metropolitan area. Contact Paul Westerhoff at 480-965-2885 for questions (

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Site Descriptions
Field sampling sites included locations along the CAP and SRP canals and the Verde and Salt Rivers including Bartlett Lake, Saguaro Lake and Lake Pleasant (Table 1, Figure 1). Locations along canals, rivers, and water treatment plants throughout the Valley region were selected as sample sites in order to assess taste and odor problems through out the entire water collection system. A multi-barrier approach will be taken to address taste and odor problems in drinking water supplies. Sample sites were selected to include locations along the entire water collection system in the Valley; from source water in rivers and lakes to finished water in water treatment plants. Water samples were collected monthly from August 1999 to June 2000 in the CAP, Verde River, Salt River, and SRP sample clusters.

Table 1 – Description of sample sites

site # site description Latitude Longitude
CAP Canal Cluster
R1 CAP canal above Waddell Canal N33 46.893 W112 17.174
R2A Lake Pleasant integrated sample N33 51.105 W112 16.213
R2B Lake Pleasant integrated sample N33 51.105 W112 16.213
R3 Waddell Canal N33 47.897 W112 15.422
R4 Cap Canal at 7th St. N33 42.079 W112 03.935
R11 CAP Canal at Cross-connect N33 30.858 W111 41.603
Verde River Cluster
R5 Verde River btwn Horseshoe and Bartlett N33 57.620 W111 42.280
R6A Bartlett Lake near outlet N34 00.000 W111 05.625
R6B Bartlett Lake near outlet N34 00.000 W111 05.625
R7 Verde River below Bartlett Lake N33 50.304 W111 38.595
R20 Verde River at Tangle (USGS)
Salt River Cluster
R8 Salt River inlet to Saguaro Lake N33 33.349 W111 27.450
R9A Saguaro Lake near inlet N33 34.053 W111 32.229
R9B Saguaro Lake near inlet N33 34.053 W111 32.229
R10 Salt River below Saguaro (Blue Point Bridge) N33 33.335 W111 34.436
SRP Canal Cluster
R12 AZ Canal above CAP Cross-connect N33 31.022 W111 41.589
R13 AZ Canal below CAP Cross-connect N33 30.941 W111 42.023
R14 AZ Canal – Inlet to Squaw Peak WTP
R15 Squaw Peak WTP treated water
R16 AZ Canal – Inlet to Deer Valley WTP
R17 Deer Valley WTP treated water
R18 South Canal at Val Vista WTP
R19 Val Vista WTP treated water
R21 AZ Canal at Central
R22 AZ Canal at 56th Street

Figure 1 – Map of Sample Sites

MIB Data

Contour plot for MIB concentration as a function of sampling date and sampling site location

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