Recent Presentations

•Luo, D. Yu, H. , Towe, B., Shi, S.Q., Garfield, R.  “Application of Low Frequency Focused Ultrasound Waves Ripen the Cervix during Pregnancy”  Department of Bioengineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. and Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ.  Presentation to the Society of Gynecologic Investigation, Orlando, Florida, March 2013.

•Luo, D. Yu, H,. Garfield, R. , Shi , S.,  Towe, B.,  “Treatment with Focused Ultrasound Waves Soften the Rat Cervix During Pregnancy”, under review,  Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology,   July 2013.

•Schwert, H., Xu, W, Shekhar, S. Abbaspour-Tamijami, A., Towe, B., Miranda, F., Chae, J., “ Recording of Neuropotentials Using RF Backscattering Methods”,  Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems,  vol. 20, no.1, pp. 1119-1129,  October 2011.

• Towe, B., Graber, T., Gulick, D.,  Herman, R., “Wireless Microstimulators for Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease”,   accepted as a reviewed paper,  6th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, San Diego, 2013

•Gulick, D.W., Towe, B.C. ,Kleim, J.,  “Combinational Effects of TDCS and Ultrasound On Excised Rat Brain” , 2012 Meeting of the Neuroscience Society, 504.18/EEE77 , New Orleans,  Monday October 15, 2012

•Towe, B.C.; Larson, P.; Gulick, D. “A Microwave Powered Injectable Neural Stimulator” Proceedings of Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS 2012, :5006-5009.

•Gulick, D.W.,  Towe, B.C., “Method of Locating Ultrasound-Powered Nerve Stimulators” Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS 2012;():887-890.

•Towe, B.C., Gulick, D.W., “Ultraminiature Wireless Biosensor/Neurostimulator”,  2012 Neural Interfaces Conference,  Salt Lake City,  poster presentation, June 18-20, 2012.

•Gulick, D.W., Towe, B.C. “Modeling wireless control of a single-diode stimulator “ 2011 Meeting of the Neuroscience Society, 520.25/AAA14, Washington DC., Monday Nov 14, 2011

•Larson, P, and Towe, B.C., “Miniature Ultrasonically Powered Wireless Nerve Cuff Stimulator” 5th International IEEE-EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, Cancun, Mexico, April 27, 2011.

•Abbaspour-Tamijani, M. F. Farooqui, B. C. Towe, J. Chae (2008) A miniature fully-passive microwave back-scattering device for short-range telemetry of neural potentials. 30th Annual International IEEE EMBS conference pp. 129–132.

•M.F. Farooqui, A. Abbaspour-Tamijani, B.C.Towe, J. Chae, “An Experimental Verification of Microwave Induced Backscatter Tag for recording  Neural Signals”, AP 2008, San Diego, CA.  Digest of Papers.

•Towe, B.C., “Induced Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasonic Vibration as the Driving Force for Reported Sub-Thermal   Microwave Effects on Materials”,  MST-2009 Annual Conference,  Pittsburg, November 2009.

•Towe, B.C.,  Larson, P., Gulick, D., “Wireless Ultrasound Powered Biotelemetry for Implants”,  Conf Proc IEEE Eng. Med Biol Soc.;1:5421-4 , 2009.

•Towe, B.C., “Passive Backscatter Biotelemetry for Neural Interfacing”, Proceedings of the 3rd International IEEE   EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA, May 2-5, 2007.

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