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Welcome! We are a semiconductor materials and devices group at Arizona State University, led by Prof. Yuji Zhao. Our research focus on advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices based on new materials, currently wide bandgap III-nitride semiconductors. Please see Research page for more details. Our current research interests are:

  • MOCVD growth of III-nitride semiconductors (current) and other wide-bandgap or associated materials (near future).
  • Device for energy and power applications such as LEDs, lasers, solar cells, and power transistors, etc.
  • Nanofabrication and nanoscale characterizations.
  • New physics, materials, and devices for future solid-state electronics.
  • More information on ASU’s GaN Research Team can be found here: ASU GaN Capabilities and Facilities – Yuji Zhao.

Our Sponsors

  • NASA HOTTech Program
  • DoD DTRA Young Investigator Award
  • NASA Early Career Faculty Award
  • Science Foundation Arizona Bisgrove Scholar Tenure Track Faculty Award
  • Arizona State University Fulton Schools of Engineering





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