Welcome to the Atmospheric Improvement Research Laboratory



Welcome to the web site of Professor Jean Andino and her research group!

Dr. Andino and her research team are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to air quality issues. The group utilizes fundamental chemical kinetics and reaction engineering principles to:
(a) understand atmospheric chemical transformations,
(b) design air pollution control techniques and devices, including those related to energy, and
(c) develop air pollutant sensing technologies.

Recent applications are in the areas of ambient smog formation, carbon dioxide conversion to fuels, and ionic liquid based sensors for air pollutants.

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Students who join the Andino Research group have many different backgrounds, and there are projects that would appeal to a variety of students. In particular, students with backgrounds in one of the following areas would do exceptionally well within the Andino Research group: chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, material science, or mechanical engineering. However, all students are encouraged to contact Dr. Andino directly to discuss their particular background and interests. The following sections provide a brief description of some of the major areas of research currently underway in the group. Additional projects are always being developed, so it is important to contact Dr. Andino for updates.