Current Group Members

Keju An ( Post Doc Mechanical Engineering )

Keju obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical engineering from Pusan National University in South Korea. He then proceeded to ASU to pursue a Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering and successfully graduated in Fall 2019. While as a Ph.D. student in the AIR-LAB, Keju’s work focused on developing a novel patent-pending Microjet and Vibration Assisted fluidized bed system also known as the MVA. He is the recipient of multiple awards for his work in the AIR-LAB such as the 1st Place research award from the Air and Waste Management Association(2019), best poster award at the National Conference of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering(2019), and the Outstanding graduate student research award from SEMTE, ASU(2020). Keju is currently a Post Doc at the AIR-LAB and recently accepted another Post Doc appointment at the University of Calgary in Canada where he would be focussing on LCA and TEA of carbon capture technologies.

Adnan Abdullahi ( PhD Student Mechanical Engineering )

Adnan transferred to ASU from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, on a Mastercard Foundation Scholarship which allowed him to complete his studies in the 3+1+1 format. He holds a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering(M.E) conferred from his home university(KNUST, Ghana) and a Masters in M.E from ASU (May 2019). Adnan is passionate about sustainability and interdisciplinary research. For his Ph.D. work, Adnan would be focussing on sustainable point source capture of pollutants and energy-efficient sorbent regeneration techniques. His hobbies are playing soccer and going on long road trips.

Taylor Medina ( Undergraduate Student Chemical Engineering )

Taylor is a rising senior majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. He is also an American Chemical Society Scholar as well as a scholar for WAESO (Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities). Taylor’s research interests are in the areas of Air Quality, Air Pollution Mitigation, Environmental Catalysis, and Climate. Taylor loves to travel, exercise, and learn different languages.

Past Graduate Students

Qiusi XiongChemical EngineeringGraduated
Maria Sanchez TellezChemical EngineeringGraduated
Eulalia SiuChemical EngineeringGraduated, PhD
Meghan MoloneyChemical EngineeringGraduated, Masters
Tingting GaoCivil & Environmental EngineeringGraduated, PhD
Selisa RollinsChemical EngineeringGraduated
Monique RodriguezChemical EngineeringGraduated, Masters
Alejandro CastanedaChemical EngineeringGraduated
Jan WuttigChemical EngineeringGraduated, Masters
Jonathan PhamChemical EngineeringGraduated, Masters
Joel FrancisChemical EngineeringGraduated, Masters
Ilya LipetsChemical EngineeringGraduated, Masters
Martin WeedenCivil & Environmental EngineeringGraduated
Cassandra McCloudCivil & Environmental EngineeringGraduated, Masters

Undergraduate Students

Past Undergraduate Students
Abel CardenasCivil & Environmental Engineering
David LatshawChemical Engineering
Douglas BolleChemical Engineering
Past Summer Students
Carlos RiveraUniversidad Metropolitana, Puerto Rico, Chemistry, Summer 2007/2008
Carlos OrtizUniversidad Metropolitana, Puerto Rico, Chemistry, Summer 2008