Dr. Mounir El Asmar gives recent speech at the Arizona State University International Student Graduation, on behalf of #ASU faculty.

Dr. Mounir El Asmar introduces Sustainable Engineering and how it benefits society.

Dr. Mounir El Asmar interviews with i-Tech to discuss (in Arabic) his career path as a Construction Engineering and Management professor, and some of the latest innovations in construction research.

Dr. Mounir El Asmar invited to address the Generous Cities Summit discussing the reasons why integration is key at the intersection of construction and design, as a critical need for Biomimicry to scale.

Dr. El Asmar and Dr. Bearup’s Invited joint presentation to the Mayor and City Council of the City of Yuma, AZ, on the Benefits of Construction Management at Risk for Publicly Funded Projects (34:39 – 42:16).