Congratulations to Luyang Liu for publishing paper on Small!

May 17, 2024

Congratulations to Luyang Liu for publishing paper on Small. This study introduces a novel approach for creating Nd:YAG ceramics with 3D free-form structures from micron (∼70 µm) to centimeter scales. Firstly, sol-gel synthesis is employed to form photocurable colloidal solutions. Subsequently, by utilizing a home-built micro-continuous liquid interface printing process, precursors are printed into 3D poly(acrylic acid) hydrogels containing yttrium, aluminum, and neodymium hydroxides, with a resolution of 5.8 µm pixel−1 at a speed of 10 µm s−1. After the hydrogels undergo thermal dehydration, debinding, and sintering, polycrystalline Nd:YAG ceramics featuring distinguishable grains are successfully produced. By optimizing the concentrations of the sintering aids (tetraethyl orthosilicate) and neodymium trichloride (NdCl3), the resultant samples exhibit satisfactory photoluminescence, emitting light concentrated at 1064 nm when stimulated by a 532 nm laser. Additionally, Nd:YAG ceramics with various 3D geometries (e.g., cone, spiral, and angled pillar) are printed and characterized, which demonstrates the potential for applications, such as laser and amplifier fibers, couplers, and splitters in optical circuits, as well as gain metamaterials or metasurfaces. Here is the link for the paper: