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Wonmo Kang

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Current research interests

Experimental mechanics with an emphasis on (1) blunt injury and wound healing mechanisms utilizing 3D tissue simulant and cell culture subjected to rapid mechanical loading and (2) microstructure-property relations of nano/micro-materials for manufacturing and energy applications utilizing in situ materials characterization in scanning and transmission electron microscopes.

Lab news and research highlights

Chunghwan, our PhD student, has received the UKC 2022 Paper Award (2022). A great  job and congratulations!

Dr. Won June Choi has been selected for the prestigious NRF postdoctoral research fellowship to develop novel carbon-metal composite systems (2021-2024)

Prof. Kang received the DoD DURIP award for synthesis and performance Evaluation of graphene-metal composite structures for smart helmet applications

Three new members (Dr. Mohammadreza Mahmoudi, David Machbitz, and Angela Ngo) joined our group! Welcome and we are very excited!

Multiple openings

  • Our lab has multiple open positions for post docs and PhD students (More details)
  • For domestic Ph.D. students, prestigious Dean’s Fellowship will be considered. The fellowship provides tuition, health insurance and $30,000 of annual support (More details).
  • Undergraduate students are encouraged to check the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative Program (More details)

Meet our high school and undergrad researchers

Lab tour for undergraduate students

Chunghwan (PhD student, left), Dr. Choi (Postdoc, middle), and Dr. Kashani (Postdoc, right) explain their research topics to ASU101 students during lab tour.

Lab tour for senior and graduate students

Azin (a PhD student with a lab coat) demonstrates the concepts of cell culture, live cell imaging, and immunostaining to senior and graduate students in the mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering programs.