More News and Highlights


Chunghwan successfully completed his PhD! Congratulations!

Prof. Kang received the DURIP award ($516k) for Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of Graphene-Metal Composite Structures for Smart Helmet Applications

An ONR research proposal ($450k) to study reel-to-reel processed graphene-metal wires has been selected for funding.


Chunghwan’s paper has been selected for the UKC 2022 Paper Award. This is an excellent recognition for his research work. Congratulations!

Chunghwan has been selected as the 2022 KSEA Fellow! Excellent!

Chunghwan has been selected as the 2022 KSEA Fellow! Excellent!

Prof. Kang presented a seminar at the University of Alabama, Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Series, February 2022.


Prof. Kang presented an invited talk at the 2022 System Health Management (SHM/NDE) and Multifunctional Materials (PMC/CNT) meeting.

Chunghwan’s work on cavitation in tissue simulant has been published in Acta Biomaterialia. Great accomplishment!


Prof. Kang attended the KSEA Scientists and Engineers Early Career Development (SEED) Workshop as a mentor.

Holiday party: 2021 has been a very successful, productive and fun year despite all the unexpected challenges due to COVID19. As a PI, I would like to thank our group members for their hard work and dedication. 

Our work published in Advanced Materials has been highlighted in ASU newsthe graphene council, etc. Please click the images for more details.

Our work led by Dr. Kashani has been published in the journal Advanced Materials (within top 1% in the field) as a front cover article.  The title is An Axially Continuous Graphene-Copper Wire for High Power Transmission: Thermo-electrical characterization and mechanisms. Huge congratulations on the accomplishment!

An ONR research proposal ($450k) to develop lightweight, high-strength materials for protective gears has been selected for funding.

Dr. Jong Hyun Eun has joined our group to lead research efforts to develop carbon fiber based 3D structures. Welcome and we are looking forward to working with Dr. Eun. 

Yijae Choi, a visiting MS student, joined our group. She will continue working on her MS research. 

Prof. Kang presented an invited talk “Exploring deformation mechanisms of Ti-6Al-4V under electric current” at the US Air Force Research Lab

Prof. Kang presented an invited talk “Cavitation damage to soft matter and cells: Can linear acceleration be ignored for TBI?” at the ONR FY21 Naval Force Health Protection Annual Meeting

Dr. Choi has won the prestigious postdoctoral research fellowship from the National Research Foundation of South Korea (2021-2024). The fellowship will support his research efforts to develop innovative graphene-metal composite materials for high strength, high temperature, and high energy applications. Great recognition for his excellent research! 

Max has joined our lab via the 2021 Air Force Research Lab Graduate Student Summer Fellowship Program. He is working on electrically assisted deformation of titanium alloys.

Yisha, our FURI student, has been awarded the 2021-2022 Blowers Engineering Scholarship. Great recognition for your excellence! 

Also, Yisha has recently presented her work at the FURI symposium

Sunwoo, our high school student, has won multiple awards including

  • 1st Place in Materials Science and Grand Prize Alternate, Fairfax Regional Science & Engineering Fair, March 2021
  • 1st Place in Materials Science and 3rd Grand Prize, Virginia State Science & Engineering Fair, April 2021

for his recent paper “Surface Modifications of Cellulose Acetate Film for the Application of Face Shield”. Huge congratulations! 

An ONR research proposal ($420k) entitled “Multilayered graphene-catalyst fibers for structural applications” has been awarded.

Prof. Kang won the U.S. Air Force Research Lab Summer Faculty Fellowship. He will is developing ASU-AFRL collaborations for investigating the deformation mechanisms of titanium alloys at high temperatures using the in situ characterization method. 

Dr. Choi is joining our group! He will lead multiple research activities in conventional carbon-metal composites as well as dynamic response of biological systems. Welcome!


Our FURI students have successfully presented their posters. Thank you for your hard work. Yassen’s (Link) and Yisha’s (Link) posters are available. 

Amazing news! Our high school student, Sunwoo, has published his journal article,  Surface Modifications of Cellulose Acetate Film for the Application of Face Shield, in Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering.

Yassen’s proposal has been awarded for FURI (Fall 2020-Spring2021)! He will be working on a novel testing apparatus for micro-scale material systems. Congratulations and Welcome for joining our group. 

Congratulations Yisha for being selected for FURI 2020! Her research focus is on studying cellular response of cells to micro/nanoscale topological cues. Welcome!

M Faisal Riyad joined our research group to work on carbon-metal composite systems (an ONR funded project) for electro-mechanical applications. Welcome on board.

Chunghwan’s work has been published in Scientific Reports. Great Job!


Prof. Kang presented an invited talk at the ONR FY20 Naval Force Health Protection Program Review 

Evangeline Amonoo is a GSA student. She will assist Prof. Kang to develop a new project to study the mechanisms of electrically assisted deformation in metals. Welcome!

Evangeline has won the Outstanding TA Award. Congratulations!

An ONR research proposal ($450k) entitled “Cavitation damage to cellular membrane” has been awarded.

Dr. Kashani joined our group. He will lead a research effort to develop carbon-metal and -ceramic composite systems. Welcome!

An ONR research proposal ($350k) entitled “Thermo-electrically assisted separation of macroscopic carbon tubes on ceramic rods” has been awarded.

Chunghwan Kim joined our group for his PhD. Welcome!

Prof. Kang won a pilot research grant ($75k) from NRL.

Before Joining ASU

Prof. Kang received the 2019 technical publication award for Acceleration-induced pressure gradients and cavitation in soft biomaterials in Scientific Reports (2019)

Prof. Kang presented an invited talk at the 2019 ONR program review meeting (2019)

Prof. Kang gave an invited seminar at University of Nebraska – Lincoln (2019)

Prof. Kang received the best poster award for his work on Cavitation in soft biomaterials (2019)

Prof. Kang received the 2018 technical publication award for Experiment and Mechanism for Cavitation Nucleation in Soft Materials published in Acta Biomaterialia (2018)

Nanoscale cover.png

Prof. Kang’s paper (In Situ Thermomechanical Testing Methods for Micro/Nano-Scale Materials) has been featured as the cover article in Nanoscale (2017)

Prof. Kang presented an invited seminar at Rutgers University  (2017)

Prof. Kang visited University of Texas – Arlington for an invited seminar (2017)

Prof. Kang presented an invited seminar at University of North Texas  (2017)

Prof. Kang’s paper (In Vitro Micro- and Nano-scale Technologies for Delivery into Adherent Cells) is highlighted in (2016)