The King Lab at ASU is focused on the science and applications of photovoltaic energy, from fundamental physics and phenomena at the atomic level, recombination at interfaces, and materials characterization, to solar cell device construction, novel module construction, and deployment of photovoltaics (PV) in society. Recombination at defects, interfaces, surfaces, and contacts is a unifying theme, informing studies of defect tolerance in certain semiconductors, and low-cost thin film tandem solar cells. We also examine how PV is actually used, how it can be functionally and aesthetically made a part of the buildings and communities where people live, work, and play, and issues that will arise as PV supplies 50% or more of our power globally. Our goals are deeper scientific understanding, education of the next generation of solar cell researchers, and integration of this environmentally and politically friendly energy generation technology in society.

Our purpose


Scientific innovation

Finding surprising truths about the
  natural world
Shaping game-changing solutions
  to pressing problems, now and
  for the future


Manufacturing science
Product Design
Cost Effectiveness

Making things happen in the
  technological and business
  spheres, to improve lives


Mentoring students, postdocs, 
    people in all stages of 
    career and life
Student involvement

Course design
New ways to think about the 
  grand endeavors of teaching 
  and collaboration
Imparting knowledge, analysis, 
  and synthesis to the next
Everyone has a lesson to teach, 
  everyone can benefit from