Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Linshuang Long
07/2017 ~ 12/2020
Research Topic: Tunable Metamaterials; Radiative Cooling
Current Position: Tenure-Track Professor at University of Science and Technology of China
Dr. Qing Ni
07/2017 ~ 12/2020
Research Topic: Plasmonic Light Trapping; Thermophotovoltaic
Current Position: Tenure-Track Associate Professor at University of Science and Technology of China
Dr. Yue Yang
08/2016 ~ 01/2017
Research Topic: 2D Metasurfaces; FTIR Microscopy
Current Position: Tenured Associate Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), China

Ph.D. Dissertation Students

Dr. Rajapopalan Ramesh
08/2017 ~ 07/2022
(co-advised with Prof. Bruno Azeredo)
Dissertation: Study of Optical and Radiative Properties of Inhomogeneous Metallic Structures
Award: 2019-2020 University Graduate Fellowship
Current Position: Solar Cell Fabrication Engineer at Leap Photovoltaics, Tempe AZ
Ms. Xiaoyan Ying
08/2016 ~ 12/2019
Research Topic: Near-field Thermophototronics and Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording
Dr. Sydney Taylor
08/2015 ~ 12/2020
Dissertation: Dynamic Radiative Thermal Management and Optical Force Modulation with Tunable Nanophotonic Structures Based on Thermochromic Vanadium Dioxide
Award: 2020 ASU FSE Dean’s Dissertation Award; 2019 ASME IMECE Most Innovative Experimental Poster Award; 2018 ICES 1st Place Student Poster Competition; 2016 NASA NSTRF Fellowship
Current Position: Thermal Control Engineer at NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston TX
Dr. Payam Sabbaghi
01/2014 ~ 12/2019
Dissertation: Metamaterial Enhanced Near Field Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion
Award: 2019 ASME IMECE Best Poster Oral Presentation Award; 2019 ASU Graduate Completion Fellowship; 2016 University Graduate Fellowship
Current Position: Packaging R&D Engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ
Dr. Hassan Alshehri
08/2014 ~ 07/2018
Dissertation: Opto-thermal Energy Transport with Selective Metamaterials and Solar Thermal Characterization of Selective Metafilm Absorbers
Award: Scholarship from King Saud University and Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
Current Position: Assistant Professor at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Jui-Yung Chang
08/2012 ~ 12/2017
Dissertation: Radiative Heat Transfer with Nanowire/Nanohole Metamaterials for Energy Harvesting Applications
Award: 2017 ASU MAE Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award; 2017, 2016, 2014 University Graduate Fellowship
Current Position: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Dr. Yue Yang
08/2012 ~ 07/2016
Dissertation: Dynamic Control of Radiative Heat Transfer with Tunable Materials for Thermal Management in Both Far and Near Fields
Award: 2016 ASU FSE Dean’s Dissertation Award; 2016 ASU GPSA Travel Grant; 2014 University Graduate Fellowship; 2013 NSF Travel Grant
Current Position: Tenured Associate Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), China
Dr. Hao Wang
08/2012 ~ 05/2016
Dissertation: Nano-Engineering Metamaterials and Metafilms for High-Efficiency Solar Energy Harvesting and Conversion
Award: 2016 SEMTE Outstanding Dissertation Award; 2013 NSF Travel Grant
Current Position: Postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Master Students (Thesis)

Antonio Trujillo
01/2021 ~ 12/2022
(co-advised with Prof. Patrick Phelan)
Thesis: Comprehensive Study of Radiative Sky Cooling Effect for Visibly Transparent, High-Emissivity Glass Windows
Current Position: in job searching
Vishwa Krishna Rajan
01/2021 ~ 07/2022
Thesis: Hyperbolic Mode Control with Boron Nitride Nanotubes and Its Impact on Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer
Current Position: PhD student in Arizona State University
Jeremy Chao
08/2021 ~ 05/2022
Thesis: Reducing the Vanadium Dioxide Transition Temperature using Tungsten Doping from Co-sputtering and Furnace Oxidation
Current Position: Engineer at ASML, Chandler AZ
Avinash Singh Nayal
05/2019 ~ 07/2020
Thesis: Study of Solar Thermophotovoltaic (STPV) Energy Conversion with Selective Metafilm Coatings and GaSb Cell Separated by Glass Microspheres
Current Position: PhD student in University of Oklahoma
Joseph Niko Vlastos
05/2019 ~ 05/2020
Thesis: Tungsten Trioxide based Variable Reflectivity Radiation Coating for Optical Propulsion Applications
Current Position: Medical Student in Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NYC
Ms. Chuyun Guan
08/2018 ~ 07/2019
Thesis: Optical Simulation and Colloidal Lithography Fabrication of Aluminum Metasurfaces
Ramteja Kondakindi
01/2018 ~ 07/2019
Thesis: AFM Bi-material Cantilever Based Near-field Radiation Heat Transfer
Current Position: PhD student in UC San Diego
Ms. Hang Su
08/2015 ~ 05/2016
Thesis: Optical Simulation and Optimization of Light Extraction Efficiency for Organic Light Emitting Diodes
Current Position: Mechanical Engineer at Foxconn, San Jose, CA

Master Students (Applied Project)

 Neal Boman
08/2021 ~ 05/2022
Applied Project: Transient Cryothermal Measurement
Current Position: Thermal Engineer at Northrop Grumman
Cheng-An Chen
08/2020 ~ 12/2021 
Applied Project: Temperature-dependent Analysis of Spectrally Selective Emitter for Thermophotovoltaic System
Josh Yoder
08/2017 – 12/2017
Applied Project: Tuning Fork AFM for Casimir Force Measurement
Satish Sundarrajan
01/2016 ~ 05/2016 
Applied Project: Design of Vacuum System for Testing Solar Thermophotovoltaic with Intermediate Absorber/Emitter
Akshat Nair
01/2015 ~ 05/2015 
Applied Project: Development and Testing of a Custom Scanning Thermoreflectance Microscope with Lock-in Modulation 
 Suhas Harish
01/2015 ~ 05/2015
Applied Project: Design and Validation of the Test Rig for Building Cooling Using a Smart Window
Hassan Alshehri 
08/2013 ~ 05/2014
Applied Project: Near Field Radiative Heat Transfer Platform & Optical Head Assembly of a Custom AFM
 Mirza Opadija
08/2013 ~ 05/2014
Applied Project: Parallelization of Flat Plates with Nano-scale Resolution
Joseph Migliorini
08/2013 ~ 12/2013 
Applied Project: Design, Assembly, and Testing of a Custom Scanning Thermoreflectance Microscope 

Undergrad Students (Thesis)

Nikolas Deffigos
01/2021 ~ 12/2021
Thesis: Development of High-Temperature Heater for Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion System
William Mulkern
08/2020 ~ 05/2021
Thesis: Development of Tuning Fork-Based Metrology for Study of Casimir Forces Across Nanometric Gaps
Ms. Nicole Sluder
08/2020 ~ 05/2021
Thesis: Tunable Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Exceeding Blackbody Limit with Vanadium Dioxide Thin Film
Neal Boman
08/2020 ~ 05/2021
Thesis: Dynamic Cryothermal Measurements of VO2-Based Fabry-Perot Emitter
Award: 2019 ASME IMECE Most Innovative Experimental Poster
Jeremy Chao
08/2020 ~ 05/2021
Thesis: Switchable Mid-Infrared Filter Based on Thermochromic Vanadium Dioxide
Award: 2021 Spring Outstanding Graduate

Undergrad Students (Project)

 William Mulkern (01/2020 ~ 12/2020)ASU FURI: Variable Optical Force Measurement
 Kareem Ayoub (01/2020 ~ 12/2020)ASU FURI: AFM Based Near-field Radiation Heat Measurement
 Nikolas Deffigos (01/2020 ~ 12/2020)ASU FURI: High-temperature Thermophotovoltaic Measurement
 Jeremy Chao (01/2019 ~ 05/2020)ASU FURI: Temperature Dependent Spectroscopic Measurement
Neal Boman (01/2019 ~ 05/2020)ASU FURI: Radiative Thermal Measurement with Vacuum Cryostat
 Christian Messner (01/2019 ~ 05/2020)ASU FURI: Near-field Radiation Measurement with Particle Spacer
 Ms. Nicole Sluder (01/2019 ~ 05/2020)ASU FURI: Near-field Radiation Measurement with VO2 Films
 Nicholas Denisuk (01/2019 ~ 07/2019)ASU FURI: Outdoor Radiative Cooling Measurement
 Ms. Molly Rhodes (01/2019 ~ 05/2019)ASU FURI: Near-field Measurement with Bimaterial AFM Probe
Garrett Rand (08/2018 ~ 05/2019)ASU/NASA Space Grant: Tuning Fork Based Metrology for Casimir Force Measurement
Ryan McBurney (05/2018 ~ 05/2019)ASU FURI: Solar Thermal/Thermophotovoltaic Measurements
Nanthanael Zuniga (05/2018 ~ 12/2018)ASU FURI: Tip-tilt Platform for Near-field Radiation Measurement
 Joseph Niko Vlastos (08/2017 ~ 05/2018)ASU/NASA Space Grant: Tunable Coating for Optical Force Modulation
Lee Lambert (05/2017 ~ 12/2017)ASU FURI: Measurement of Near-field Radiative Heat Transfer with Polystyrene Nanoparticles as Nanometric Spacers
Ms. Kazuko Niimi (01/2017 ~ 05/2017)ASU FURI: LabVIEW Control of a Tip-Tilt Platform for Aligning Surfaces in Parallel with Nanometer Spacing
Nathaniel Ferre (08/2016 ~ 05/2017)ASU FURI: AFM Based Near-Field Thermal Metrology for Nanometer-Scale Surface Temperature Mapping
Zachary Woods (08/2016 ~ 12/2016)ASU FURI: Design and Validation of an Outdoor Test Apparatus for the Evaluation of Radiation Coatings for Smart Windows
Joshua Feinglass (01/2015 ~ 05/2015)ASU FURI: LabVIEW Control of a Versatile Cryogenic-to-High Temperature Spectrometry Platform for Optical Characterization
Tung Che Ho (01/2015 ~ 05/2015)ASU FURI: Spectral Splitting of Solar Radiation for Integrated Biofuel and PV-Based Electricity Generation
Joseph Hanson (05/2013 ~ 05/2014)ASU FURI: Development of a High-Temperature Emissometer
Award: 2015 ASU Distinguished Engineering Graduate