Web Resources

Lab Equipment and Software Training (Google Sheet)

Webinars on Manuscript Writing and Career Development (Google Sheet)

Review Papers and Perspectives (Google Drive with ASU login)


Nano/Microscale Heat Transfer (2nd Edition), Zhuomin M. Zhang, 2020 (group pdf copy)

Radiative Heat Transfer (3rd Edition), Michael Modest, 2013

Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer (6th Edition), John Howell, Pinar Menguc, Robert Siegel, 2015

Nanoscale Energy Transport and Conversion, Gang Chen, 2005

Plasmonics: Fundamentals and Applications, Stefan Maier, 2007 (group pdf copy)

Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer Across Nanometer Vacuum Gaps: Fundamentals and Applications, Soumyadipta Basu, 2016 (group pdf copy)

Lab Basics:

FTIR Spectroscopy: Thermo Scientific, Shimadzu,

Optics, Light Sources, Detectors: Edmund Optics, Thorlabs, Newport

Thermal Measurements: OMEGA,

Electronic Measurement: Tektronix

Vacuum: Agilent, Lesker

DAQ and Motion Control: National Instruments,