Faculty Website Options

ASU Engineering can recommend a few solutions for faculty and staff members to have access to professional website to display information about their research focuses, ongoing projects, lab groups and published works.

Consider using our ASU Labs theme for WordPress

We have developed a WordPress-based solution for building a consistent and easy-to-use faculty website. It is our dedicated WordPress theme which we call ASU Labs. Over 40 of our faculty members have used this theme to represent themselves as individuals or as representations of their small and medium-sized lab groups on campus. The theme comes with several templates and easy-to-use features that makes organizing the content of your website a breeze.

Consider using GitHub Pages

GitHub has a mechanism for maintaining a static collection of HTML/CSS files and presenting them as a public website. This solution is generally intended as a way to present both the code for a project and some related documentation for that project together in the same space. However, your repository can house nothing but the code for your website if that’s all you need it for.

The communications team at ASU Engineering maintains a collection of repositories on GitHub at https://github.com/asuengineering. We can assist with the creation of a repository in this publicly available space or with getting a repository set up within your own GitHub account that can work for your project.


  • GitHub Pages will provide a URL for your project once published. But, you can choose to further enhance your project with an ASU domain name if you desire. See Custom Domains on GitHub Pages for further details.
  • The use of GitHub pages would greatly benefit from your knowledge (or willingness to learn) about git and the process of version control.
  • The team at Knowledge Enterprise maintains a Jekyll theme that can produce an on-brand ASU web page suitable for deployment within GitHub Pages. See https://github.com/asu-ke-web-services/ASU-Web-Standards-Jekyll-Theme for further details.

Consider adopting Canvas for your course materials.

Canvas is the university-approved Learning Management System. It provides simple and accessible ways for you as an instructor to organize and display collections of materials that help support the courses that you teach. Rather than creating a separate web site for these kinds of materials, we encourage faculty members to take full advantage of LMS as the preferred presentation method.

Training and a range of support options are available for Canvas users across the university.

Google Drive and Dropbox can also be used as impromptu methods to distribute files to a defined community of people.

Consider using resources from UTO

The University Technical Office provides several turnkey solutions for creating a websites that are on-brand and capable of displaying all manor of information.

Free faculty websites can be created using Open Scholar (which is a Drupal-based CMS). For more information and to sign up, head to https://web.asu.edu/

UTO also provides an “easy-to-use site creation kit” called Webspark which comes pre-loaded with everything you need to create a standards-compliant, accessible and mobile-ready ASU Drupal site.

Additional information

If none of the above solutions seem like a good fit, please let us know about your idea by submitting a project request form. We want to help you succeed in any way we can. We do have a few limitations to the type of support we can offer, however.

  • We only provide direct technical support for managed hosting environments that are specifically suited to run WordPress at scale. At this time we can’t offer or provide support for projects that require other types of server-side technologies (Node, ASP, JAMstack, Laravel, etc.)
  • Our sponsored WordPress projects include a standardized set of plugins and themes that are capable of meeting the needs of most situations. If you are facing a challenge that requires a specific plugin or integration, those additions would be subject to a code review before making the product available for you to use.