Charge density wave (CDW) is a quantum phenomenon that mostly occurs in low-dimensional materials. The electron densities in metals are highly uniform. However, in CDW materials, spontaneously the electron densities are statically modulated with a periodic lattice distortion when the temperature reaches below its transition temperature (Tc). This lattice distortion lowers the Fermi surface by creating a gap due to the new periodicity. CDW materials show many interesting properties such as nonlinear transport, oscillating current for static electrical voltage. Also, it is known that many CDW materials exhibit superconductivities by suppressing the CDW state.

Our team focuses on the synthesis and fabrication of CDW materials by chemical vapor transport (CVT), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The target materials include Rare-earth tritellurides and ditellurides, transition metal dichalcogenides. The research questions our team focuses on are:

1.       How can we engineer CDW transition by intrinsic/extrinsic factors?

2.       Is it possible to realize/stabilize new CDW orders?

3.       How can we apply the CDW property to the devices?

4.       Can we fabricate large-scale CDW materials by industry-oriented methods?