Augmented Reality (AR) and millimeter waves (mmWaves) are combined to augment our visual perception. Using an AR and a mmWave camera the user can see around corners from a distance.


Non-line-of-sight (NLoS) imaging using mmWaves:

The example below shows a simple example of around the corner imaging at the presence of obstacles.

Our group has developed image algorithms to correct for the misplaced objects:NLoS_Imaging

Using AR to Visualize Hidden Objects

The hidden objects from the mmWave camera are projected on the real-world using Magic Leap One. To visualize the hidden objects, we convert the appropriate surface into mirrors based on the information from the mmWave camera.

Example of an open door used to see outside the room.


View from inside the room. A virtual room is used to simulate around the corner imaging.


Top view  (perspective) that shows the hidden object outside the room (green cylinder).