Our aim is to gain new insights into nano/microscale mechanisms underlying thermofluidic and interfacial phenomena and to use this knowledge to design nanoengineered solutions which enhance the macroscale performance of a variety of industrial systems.

Contact: konradr (at) asu.edu


5/2018: Could use of Soft Surfaces Augment Onset of Nucleate Boiling by Rykaczewski and Phadnis accepted for publication in Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering


3/2018: Probability of Conductive Bond Formation in a Percolating Network of Nanowires with Fusible Tips by Rykaczewski and Wang accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters


12/12/2017: In situ Alloying of Thermally Conductive Polymer Composites by Combining Liquid and Solid Metal Micro-additives by Ralphs et al. accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

LM-cu colloid

9/2017: Dropwise Condensation on Soft Hydrophobic Coatings by Phadnis and Rykaczewski published in Langmuir


9/2017: The Effect of Marangoni Convection on Heat Transfer during Dropwise Condensation by Phadnis and Rykaczewski published in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer


9/2017: Destructive Tomography of Red Cabbage and Swiss Cheese: FIB-SEM Themed Educational Outreach (Educational Article) by Rykaczewski, Howell, and Wieczynska published in Microscopy Today

3/31/2017: Nano-striped Chemically Anisotropic Surfaces have Near Isotropic Wettability by Damle and Rykaczewski accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters

stripe drops

1/22/2017: Water Permeation and Corrosion Resistance of Single and Two Component Hydrophobic Polysiloxane Barrier Coatings by Sun et al. accepted for publication in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

graphical abstract

1/2017: Our work on nanoengineered integral humidity sink effect was featured on Nanowerk website

12/2016: Suppression of Frost Nucleation Achieved Using the Nanoengineered Integral Humidity Sink Effect by Sun and Rykaczewski accepted for publication in ACS Nano


12/2016: congrats to Xiaoda and Viraj on passing their Ph.D. defenses

8/18/2016: Microscale Mechanism of Age Dependent Wetting Properties of Prickly Pear Cacti (Opuntia) by Rykaczewski, K., Jordan, J.,Linder, R., Woods, E.T., Sun, X., Kemme, N., Manning, K.C., Cherry, B.R., Yarger, J.L., and Majure, L. accepted for publication in Langmuir


8/2016: Chad, Akshay, Matt, and Sujal join our group

8/11/2016: Why is it Difficult to Wash Aphids off from Superhydrophobic Kale? by Damle, V. G., Linder, R., Sun, X., Kemme, N., Majure, L., and Rykaczewski accepted for publication in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics


4/22/2016: On Rapid and Scalable Lubrication and Replenishment of Liquid Infused Materials by Damle, V. G., Uppal, A., Sun, X., Burgin, T.P., and Rykaczewski accepted for publication in Surface Innovations


4/15/2016: congrats to Aastha for defending her Masters thesis!

4/14/2016: Surface and Wetting Properties of Embiopteran (Webspinner) Nanofiber Silk Popp, T.M., Addison, B.T., Jordan, J., Damle, V.G., Rykaczewski, K.,Chang, Ch., Stokes, G.Y., Edgerly, J.S., and Yarger, J. accepted for publication in Langmuir


3/29/2016: We are presenting at MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix:
CM2.7.02: Far-Reaching Volumetric Artefacts Due to Thermal Decomposition of Polymeric Coatings around Focused Ion Beam Milled Pigment Particles
EE15.1.03 Steam Condensation Rate Improvement Using Metal Matrix-Hydrophobic Nanoparticle Composites for Sustainable thermal Power Plant Efficiency Enhancement
SM2.7.02 Bioinspired Stimuli-Responsive and Antifreeze-Secreting Anti-Icing Coatings
SM3.6.05 Directly Printed, Flexible, and Collapsible Liquid Metal Microchannels Made of Its Own Oxide Skin
SM5.8.09 Are Rapidly Deployable Lubricated Omniphobic Protective Suits against Liquid Phase Biohazards Feasible?
SM9.1.11 Complex Water Repellency of Prickly Pear Cacti (Opuntia): Impact of Species, Biogeography, and Age on Nano-to-Macroscale Structure and Wetting Properties

12/9/2015: Inhibition of Condensation Frosting by Arrays of Hygroscopic Antifreeze Drops by Sun, X., Damle, V.G., Uppal, A., Linder, R., Chandrashekar, S., Mohan, A.R., and Rykaczewski, K. accepted for publication in Langmuir


11/18/2015: Far-reaching geometrical artefacts due to thermal decomposition of polymeric coatings around Focused Ion Beam milled pigment particles by Rykaczewski, K., D. G. Mieritz, D.G., Liu, M., Ma, Y., Iezzi, E.B., Sun, , Wang, L. P., Solanki, K.N., Seo, D.-K., Wang, R.Y. accepted for publication in Journal of Microscopy


11/12/2015: Congrats to Ajay on defending his masters thesis

10/2015: Our work on bioinspired responsive anti-icing surfaces is features in BBC’s World’s Weirdest Events documentary (min 35)


10/6/2015: Can Liquid Metal Flow in Microchannels made of its Own Oxide Skin? by Liu, S., Sun, X., Kemme N., Damle,V.G., Schott, C., Herrmann,M., and Rykaczewski, K., accepted for publication in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics


9/30/2015: Congrats to Viraj for passing his PhD Proposal

9/24/2015: Image from collaborative paper with NIST on in situ ESEM imaging of dynamics of silver nanoparticle release from wound dressing was selected as Best Micrograph of 2014 by Journal of Material Science: Materials in Medicine


8/25/2015 Congrats to Viraj for being selected for the 2015-2016 Metzger Memorial Award

8/18/2015: Our collaborative work with Northwestern University, MIT, UIC, ETH, and University of Denmark highlighted by Chicago Tribune, Science Daily, Nanowerk, and Eureka Alert

8/7/2015: Can Metal Matrix-Hydrophobic Nanoparticle Composites Enhance Water Condensation by Promoting the Dropwise Mode? by Damle, V., Sun, X., and Rykaczewski, K., accepted for publication in Advanced Materials Interfaces


5/26/2015: Sustaining dry surfaces under water by Jones, P., Hao, X.,Cruz-Chu, E., Rykaczewski, K., Nandy, K., Schutzius, T., Varanasi, K.K., Megaridis, C., Walther, J., Koumoutsakos, P., Espinosa H., and Patankar, N. accepted for publication in Scientific Reports

5/2015 Congrats to Shan and Chris for graduating

3/23/2015: Our work on bioinspired anti-icing surfaces highlighted by Popular Science, Fox News, Discovery News,
Phys.org, CNET, Phys.org, Weather Channel, and Osgood File Radio show

3/21/2015: Inverted Leidenfrost-like effect during condensation by Narhe, Anand, Rykaczewski, Medici, Gonzalez-Vinas, Vararanasi and Beysens accepted for publication in Langmuir

3/10/2015: Liquid metal alien micro-egg by Konrad Rykaczewski and Kyle Doudrick selected for Science as Art competition at 2015 Spring MRS Meeting Rykaczewski_science_as_art

3/3/2015: Our work on bioinspired anti-icing surfaces highlighted by CBS news and ASU news

2/9/2015:Rapid Method for Testing Efficacy of Nano-Engineered Coatings for Mitigating Tin Whisker Growth by Kyle Doudrick, Jeff Chinn, Jason Williams, Nikhilesh Chawla, and Konrad Rykaczewski accepted for publication in Microelectronics Reliability

2/2/2015: Congrats to Xiaoda on his first paper: Bioinspired Stimuli-Responsive and Antifreeze-Secreting Anti-Icing Coatings by Xiaoda Sun, Viraj G. Damle, Shanliangzi Liu, and Konrad Rykaczewski accepted for publication in Advanced Materials Interfaces

1/29/2015: Congrats to Viraj et al. on their first paper: ‘Insensitive’ to Touch: Fabric-supported Lubricant-swollen Polymeric Films for Omniphobic Personal Protection Gear by Viraj G. Damle , Abhishiktha Tummala , Sriram Chandrashekar , Cassidee Kido , Ajay Roopesh , Xiaoda Sun , Kyle Doudrick , Jeff Chinn , James R. Lee , Timothy P. Burgin , and Konrad Rykaczewski accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

1/6/2015: Congrats to Shan on her first paper: Design and Characterization of Single Channel Two-Liquid Capacitor and its Application to Hyperelastic Strain Sensing by Shanliangzi Liu, Xiaoda Sun, and Owen Hildreth, and Konrad Rykaczewski accepted for publication in Lab on a Chip

12/3/2014: Collaborative paper with MIT featured on back cover of Soft Matter

11/24/2014: Xiaoda’s anti-icing work presented at APS DFD highlighted by the conference and science daily

11/1/2014: We are presenting at APS DFD in San Francisco:
D13.00006: Robust and Drain Resistant Lubricated Omniphobic Fabrics
D13.00009 Bioinspired Antifreeze Secreting Frost-Responsive Pagophobic Coatings
E12.00002 Design of a Condensation-Based Contact Angle Goniometer
E13.00004 Condensation Dynamics on Mimicked Metal Matrix Hydrophobic Nanoparticle-Composites
EH36.00009 Rapid 3D Printing of Multifunctional Calcium Alginate Gel Pipes using Coaxial Jet Extruder
L11.00006 Compact Two-Liquid Microfluidic Hyperelastic Capacitive Strain Sensors
R14.00005 Different Shades of Oxide: Wetting Mechanisms of Gallium-based Liquid Metal Drops

11/1/2014: Droplet nucleation paper amongst most downloaded and read papers in Soft Matter in last 30 days

10/21/2014: How droplets nucleate and grow on liquids and liquid impregnated surfaces by Sushant Anand, Konrad Rykaczewski, and Srinivas Subramanyam, Daniel Beysens, and Kripa K. Varanasi accepted for publication in Soft Matter

9/2014: Chris, Abhi and Sriram join our group

6/21/2014: Dynamics of Silver Nanoparticle Release from Wound Dressings Revealed via in situ Nanoscale Imaging by Holbrook, Rykaczewski, and Staymates accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine

5/21/2014: Different Shades of Oxide: from Nanoscale Wetting to Contact Printing of Gallium based Liquid Metals by Doudrick, Liu,  Mutunga, Klein, Damle, Varanasi, and Rykaczewski published in Langmuir
liquid metal

4/8/2014: Review article on In Situ FIB-SEM Characterization and Manipulation Methods by Antoniou, Rykaczewski, and Uchic published in special edition of MRS Bulletin on FIB-SEM technology

3/6/2014: Dropwise Condensation of Low Surface Tension Fluids on Omniphobic Surfaces published in Scientific Reports

12/2013 Ajay joins our group

12/2013 Our research featured in ASU’s LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science fall newsletter

10/2013: Gopala and Shanliangzi join our group

9/26/2013: collaborative paper with MIT on ice adhesion on Lubricant Impregnated Surfaces published in Langmuir

8/2013: Kyle, Xiaoda, and Viraj join our group