Our aim is to gain new insights into nano/microscale mechanisms underlying thermofluidic and interfacial phenomena and to use this knowledge to design nanoengineered solutions which enhance the macroscale performance of a variety of industrial systems. Our current work focuses on enhancing the efficiency and safety of energy, thermal desalination, and  transportation systems.

Contact: konradr (at) asu.edu


6/21/2014: Dynamics of Silver Nanoparticle Release from Wound Dressings Revealed via in situ Nanoscale Imaging by Holbrook, Rykaczewski, and Staymates accepted for publication in Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine

5/21/2014: Different Shades of Oxide: from Nanoscale Wetting to Contact Printing of Gallium based Liquid Metals by Doudrick, Liu,  Mutunga, Klein, Damle, Varanasi, and Rykaczewski published in Langmuir

4/8/2014: Review article on In Situ FIB-SEM Characterization and Manipulation Methods by Antoniou, Rykaczewski, and Uchic published in special edition of MRS Bulletin on FIB-SEM technology

3/6/2014: Dropwise Condensation of Low Surface Tension Fluids on Omniphobic Surfaces published in Scientific Reports

12/2013 Ajay joins our group

12/2013 Our research featured in ASU’s LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science fall newsletter

10/2013: Gopala and Shanliangzi join our group

9/26/2013: collaborative paper with MIT on ice adhesion on Lubricant Impregnated Surfaces published in Langmuir

8/2013: Kyle, Xiaoda, and Viraj join our group