Our research group is an interdisciplinary team focusing on designing new class of materials where such materials outperform other conventional / traditional materials to address current challenges in energy, flexible electronics & photovoltaics, photonics, and optics.

Combining unique physical assembly, chemical deposition, and bio-decomposition techniques, we are developing powerful strategies for multi-functional materials and applications at the nanoscale, and by doing so, creating new class of materials with unprecedented performance and one of a kind functionalities to challenge the status quo. Research is rather interdisciplinary in its nature and combines Materials Science, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, and Chemistry

We have four (4) research trust areas;

1. Development of New Class of Two-dimensional (2D) Materials

In this trust, we engage one of a kind material growth and synthesis techniques to grow atomically thin materials in impressive wafer-scale sizes. We study not only transitional-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) but also other layered materials those have not been realized before.

2. Applications Based on Low-Dimensional Materials

Using 2D materials and their heterostructures, we are pushing the electronic, metamaterial, and photonic devices towards the ultimate limit of single unit cell to create multi-functional, flexible, environmentally stable, and highly efficient devices.

3. Fundamental Properties of Low-Dimensional Materials

Owing to their low dimensionality, such materials possess rather unusual properties that do not exist in traditional 3D materials. Using wide range of measurement techniques we explore their properties at the nanoscale. Our research group specializes on  optical, magnetic, electronic, and mechanical measurements and engages such techniques to reveal rich functionality / properties at ambient as well as extreme conditions (toxic gases, ion bombardment, high pressure, extreme current drive, cold-temperatures, and strain-stress).

Optical Spectroscopy: Photoluminescence, Raman, Photoreflectance, scanning current, and photo-dielectric spectroscopy

Physical Property Measurements: Electrical transport, magnetic property system,  and dielectric – impedence techniques

Surface Characterization: Nano-optical profilometry, Atomic force microscopy

4. Metamaterials & Plasmonics

In this trust, we use Metamaterials & Plasmonics as an efficient tool to modulate the optical properties of low dimensional materials to realize one of a kind functionality and device performance.


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  1. Caleb Hotchkiss

    I am a Grand Challenge Scholar looking to do research in the energy theme. Your project seems very interesting and I was wondering if I could join. Resume and Transcripts are available via request and my email is cnhotchk@asu.edu.

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