Advanced Materials in the Quantum Age

The field of quantum materials is a rapidly evolving research field that includes the design, synthesis and characterization of an exciting new class of materials with novel quantum properties. Quantum materials have the potential to offer functionalities previously unknown to society such as topological conduction, exotic types of magnetism and manipulation of quantum information (spin). The field of quantum materials is positioned to revolutionize the next-generation of applications by using and engineering these unique quantum effects. Can we make completely new types of materials with properties that we have never encountered before? Can we build the building blocks of new-generation quantum computers? Can we make quantum ultra-sensitive sensors for bio-detection, gas detection, or molecule detection? Can we manipulate photons at the quantum level to make quantum cryptology devices? The quantum materials field  is actively searching for the answers to these burning questions…

Our research group is an interdisciplinary team focusing on the synthesis and fundamental understanding of new-class of quantum materials. We aim to synthesize high quality quantum materials in bulk crystal or 2D monolayer form using cutting edge growth techniques such as  Bridgman growth, chemical vapor transport, molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and pulsed laser deposition (PLD). Examples to these quantum materials include excitonic semiconductors, Skyrmionic materials, 2D magnets, Weyl fermions, and superconductors.

All our group members come from diverse backgrounds and departments such as Materials Science & Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. We work in a safe, inclusive, and creative environment, and we love what we do!! Many government agencies recognize our creativity, dedication, and love and actively support our research.