Employment Assistance & Social Engagement

EASE is a free program that is available to incoming undergraduate students in the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE).

Eligible students must have an autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s diagnosis and register through SAILS (Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services).  The EASE program begins with peer mentoring to assist with the transition to college life. As the student progresses through the FSE degree program, the EASE program will transition to focus on career readiness skills. To apply to the program, please email us.

Instagram: @EASE.asu


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Diversity and Inclusion Initiative


In January 2019, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering launched a new initiative focusing on diversity and inclusion — core values to the Fulton Schools and ASU, as exemplified in the university charter. This initiative is called DII@FSE.

Our DII@FSE task force has articulated a vision to follow strategies and practices that support environments where individuals feel included, valued and respected and where different kinds of people can succeed.

The DII@FSE has submitted a proposal to the American Society for Engineering Education’s (ASEE) Diversity Recognition Program. That proposal was awarded bronze status (the highest entry status a university can be awarded).  Next steps for the initiative will be working together to realize the plan’s goals.


  1. Create and maintain a student body and workforce across the Fulton Schools that is diverse in multiple dimensions and inclusive for all.
  2. Empower faculty, staff, students and academic associates at the Fulton Schools to embrace the core values and practice of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  3. Be a global leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in engineering.