Particulate Process and Product Design

Our research group focuses on the design of particulate products and processes through the study of fundamental phenomena involved in particle-particle, particle-fluid, and particle-equipment interactions to produce required product specifications.  We use a combination of experimental techniques and computational modeling, with an emphasis on industrially relevant applications.

Source: Arizona Coyotes & Child Abuse Cases & Bisgrove Scholars on PBS.

Fall 2021 (from left to right): Bhaumik Bheda, Rick Miller, Dr. Emady, Jordan Monroe, Diana Kumar
January 2021 (From left to right): Anindya Deb, Spandana Vajrala, Rick Miller, Dr. Emady, Bhaumik Bheda, Diana Kumar, Radhalakshmi Ramasubramanian

Fall 2017-(From top left to right) Kyle, Andrew, Brandon, Tianxiang, Dr.Emady, Brittany, Victoria, Spandana, Manogna, and Brad.

Spring 2017-(From top left to right) Brandon Abranovic, Dylan, Brandon, Dr.Emady, Brittany, Paul, Tianxiang, Manogna, Mike, Alvina, Spandana, and Emily.

Fall 2016-(From left to right) Tianxiang, Emily, Brandon, Manogna, Paul, Dr.Emady, and Brittany.

Spring 2016-(From top left to right) Brandon, Manogna, Brittany, Spandana, Dr.Emady,  Bryan, Micheal, Paul, Tianxiang, Jason, and Mike.

2015-12-06 18.12.20
Fall 2015-(From top left to right) Bryan, Paul, Tianxiang, Jason, Michael, Dr. Emady, Spandana, Manogna, and Daisy.