Lab News Archive

The following news items were entered into the log for the lab beginning in 2015.
They are preserved here for historical purposes.

June 2017: Ehsan Izadi defends his PhD dissertation!

April 2017: Rohit Sarkar defends his PhD dissertation!

February 2017: Ehsan wins Best Poster Award at 2017 TMS annual meeting!

November 2016: Rohit Berlia passes his PhD qualifying exam. Ehsan completes his proposal defense.

October 2016: Our paper on grain rotations in ultrafine-grained aluminum films is published in Materials and Design (pdf).

September 2016: Our paper exploring structural rearrangements and anelasticity in nanoscale metallic glass films is published in Materials Research Letters (pdf).

August 2016: Paul Rasmussen joins our lab. Welcome Paul!

June 2016: Our paper on PDMS flow in microchannels is published in Soft Matter (pdf).

April 2016: Our paper on measuring local, atomic-level elastic strains in metallic glass films is published in Ultramicroscopy (pdf).

April 2016: Suhas completes his MS thesis defense! He will be starting his PhD in materials science at Johns Hopkins University in September.

March 2016: Our paper on texture dependent strain rate sensitivity in UFG metal films is published in Scripta Materialia (pdf).

February 2016: Rohit Sarkar completes his proposal defense.

November 2015: Our paper on electron beam effects during in situ TEM deformation is published in Scientific Reports (pdf).

Feb 2015: Dr. Rajagopalan wins NSF CAREER Award (link)

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