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Welcome to the Battery Electric & Intelligent Vehicle (BELIV) lab at Arizona State University! We specialize in the design, optimization, and control of advanced systems, including connected and automated vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and smart mobility. Our multidisciplinary research program aims to contribute to the development of safe, clean, and energy-efficient intelligent vehicles and transportation systems, which will shape the future of mobility and provide long-term benefits to society. The BELIV lab is affiliated with The Polytechnic School at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and is led by Dr. Junfeng Zhao, an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University.

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Openings: The BELIV Lab is seeking highly motivated graduate students, who will be involved in cutting-edge research projects on a Connected and Automated Vehicle platform with Electrified Propulsion Systems. Desirable candidates should have an MS/BS degree in a related engineering discipline, such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science. Research experience in automated driving, robotics, AI/ML, control system integration and optimization is a plus. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply by sending their application package to Dr. Junfeng Zhao ([email protected]). Positions will start in 2024 Spring or Fall.


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