Invited paper on liquid metal foam published in Soft Matter

“Oxide-mediated mechanisms of gallium foam generation and stabilization during shear mixing in air” by Wilson Kong, Najam Shah and others ASU as well as collaborators from Michael Dickey’s group from NCSU published in Soft Matter

Rattlesnake rain harvesting work widely highlighted

1/2020: Our rattlesnake rain harvesting work highlighted by American Chemical Society ,, Quirks & Quarks show on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio , EurekAlert, Inside Science (AIP) , Scitechdaily, (in Polish), Fox News Tampa, and Science Daily

Aastha Uppal published in ACS Applied Materials

12/2019: Pressure-Activated Thermal Transport via Oxide Shell Rupture in Liquid Metal Capsule Beds by Aastha Uppal et al. published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces