GS-USA Frame3D© Videos

In this page you will find links to instructional videos on using the GS-USA Frame3D© Program for structural analysis and structural optimization.

Videos on Structural Analysis via the GS-USA Frame3D© Program

Overview of the GS-USA Frame3D© Program: Learn how to install the program, look for user manuals and GS-USA Frame3D© models, and get an overview of the program features.
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Understanding the Beam Reference Point: Learn how to specify the input for a typical beam element in three-dimensional space.
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Building a 3D Model: Learn to build a simple 3D frame model, analyze and graphically view the results.
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Modeling with Beam and Shell Elements: Model a three-dimensional structure with both beam and plate/shell elements using advanced model building features.
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Videos on Structural Optimization via the GS-USA Frame3D© Program

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