Research resources

ASU and Fulton Schools resources to support faculty research endeavors

Pre- and post-award guidance

There are extensive support services for award guidance from within the Fulton Schools and from ASU at large. The Fulton Schools Office of Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (ORIEN), your school’s Research Services staff and ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise work together to support you at every step on your proposal journey.

Start by filling out a proposal intake form and you will be contacted by Research Services, or contact your school’s pre-award and post-award guidance staff.

Proposal intake form

Complete this form to initiate assistance with a proposal.

Three men lean over a large solar panel, one holding a part and one adjusting a cable, with a beautiful blue sky overhead.

Fulton Schools Research Services

The Fulton Schools Research Services website provides pre- and post- award assistance, safety information and contacts in the Office of the Vice Dean for Research and Innovation for all your needs.

ASU Knowledge Enterprise

The ASU Knowledge Enterprise acts as a catalyst for research and innovation at ASU, and has extensive research support services for faculty.

Commercialize your technology at ASU

ASU Skysong Center

Skysong Innovations

Skysong Innovations is ASU’s exclusive intellectual property management company.

Skysong serves to support ASU faculty through the patent and business development process, with the goal of rapid and wide dissemination of ASU discoveries and inventions into the marketplace.

Virtual office hours

Life Sciences Team
Jordan Bell and Patricia Stepp
Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m.
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Physical Sciences Team
Shen Yan and Januk Aggarwal
Wednesdays, 1-3 p.m.
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Other commercialization resources at ASU and the Fulton Schools

ASU Startup School

Take this free online course on creating a startup through ASU’s CareerCatalyst.

ASU Venture Devils

Connect to a venture mentor and receive up to $100,000 in seed funding.

Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors Program

Competitive fellowship program that provides the resources for successful entrepreneurship

Participate in the I-Corps program

Learn how to transform your research to impact with the NSF innovation corps program.

Supporting your research success

Connect with undergraduate researchers

Connect with graduate researchers

General research funding opportunities

ASU limited submissions can provide various types of funding, including recurring funds, internal seed funds, grants and competitions. Sources include the Dean’s fellowship, Women and Philanthropy and many others.

A MORE mentor speaks with students at the FURI symposium

Become a student research mentor

Guide students enrolled in various Fulton Schools research programs while gaining valuable ground on your research projects.