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Student Professionalism

Student Professionalism expectation

Fulton Engineering students are expected to adhere to the FSE Student Professionalism expectation. The following are the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) recommended procedures to use when communicating with students about unprofessional or disruptive behavior.


  • For low-level unprofessional student behavior, the faculty/staff member should communicate with the student, in the spirit of the student professionalism expectation, by sharing the statement or behavior of concern, so the student can learn from the experience moving forward.
  • For repeated issues or elevated student behavior, the faculty/staff member should communicate to the student face to face or in writing the specific behavior of concern and indicate that they must immediately cease/stop the behavior. If the request to cease/stop the behavior is face-to-face, the faculty/staff member should follow up with an email confirming this with the student.
  • If after this communication the student continues with the same level of inappropriate behavior, the faculty/staff member can submit the details of the situation to the Vice Dean’s Office by e-mailing [email protected].
    • The Vice Dean’s designee will review the situation, send a formal warning to the student to cease the behavior.
    • If necessary, the Vice Dean’s Office can also refer the student incident to the Dean of Students office for review and possible sanctions.

Please note

If at any time the level of inappropriate behavior escalates or becomes dangerous, the faculty/staff member can immediately report the incident to the Dean of Students Office or ASU Police Department and notify the Vice Dean’s Office by emailing [email protected] with Dean of Students Report in the subject line.

FSE procedures for instructor initiated withdrawal of students from class for disruptive behavior

May be initiated for severely disruptive behavior in the classroom.

  • Instructor prepares an email that describes the behavior and the disruption to the learning process and expresses their desire to withdraw the student from the class.  The email should also indicate the desired grade of W or E.  Evidence supporting the behavior and the notice(s) to cease the behavior should be attached to the email.
    • Send the memo to the school director for consideration.
    • The school director will review the email and either approve or not approve.
  • If approved by the school director, the instructor should then forward the approval to the Vice Dean’s office by sending it to [email protected].   
  • The Vice Dean’s designee will review the instructor’s request.   
  • If approved by the Vice Dean’s designee, the Vice Dean’s Office will inform the instructor and notify the Registrar to withdraw the student.
    • The student will then be informed that they have been withdrawn from the class and provided notice of an opportunity to submit a written appeal to the decision.
    • If the student appeals the withdrawal, the Vice Dean’s office will convene an ad hoc faculty committee to review the student’s written appeal.
    • The appeal committee decision is final and not subject to further appeal.
  • All instructor-initiated withdrawals will be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and kept on file in the Vice Dean’s Academic and Student Affairs Office.

For more information

For more information about the FSE student professionalism policy or reporting an issue, contact Chuck Barbee.

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