Tutoring resources and support for faculty

The Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers are here to support Fulton Schools students, courses, programs and faculty by providing high quality tutoring and support services through peer-lead programs.

Also, the Tutoring Centers need faculty support to provide the highest quality tutoring for students.

Find out how you can give and receive tutoring support!

For more information, contact

Portrait of Jessica Witzke

Jessica Witzke

Coordinator Senior

ENGR Academic & Student Affrs

[email protected]

Support for your courses

The Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers provide faculty with a number of high-quality, engineering-specific, tutoring services. Check out the support options!

Let us help with review sessions

The Tutoring Centers staff can assist in refreshing student knowledge on a particular topic.

We can also provide resources and support for your review sessions.

Add the Tutoring Centers to your syllabus

ASU students have access to free unlimited tutoring services.

By adding the Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers website to your syllabus to help ensure your students receive tutoring support: Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers.

Set up study groups

The Tutoring Centers can assist you with setting up study groups for your courses.

Study groups bring students together weekly to review topics covered in class and do practice problems developed by a tutor in alignment with the course.

Offer a workshop

You are invited to offer workshops on topics that may help students succeed in their academic or professional pursuits.

Workshops are designed to advance student knowledge of a particular topic, assignment, or project. For example, a faculty member may hold an information session about the FE/PE or other professional exam.

The Tutoring Centers can provide resources and marketing support for these workshops.

Support our tutors

Offer a content refresher for tutors

Consider delivering a review session for tutors to advance or refresh their knowledge of your course and methods of teaching.

Submit your syllabus

The Tutoring Centers staff can prepare for upcoming projects, assignments and exams with access to your course syllabus.

Syllabi are not shared with students unless you give permission.

Submit your syllabus via email to: [email protected].

Share your assignments

The Tutoring Centers staff invite you to share your assignments throughout the semester.

Having access to review a difficult assignment enables tutors to better serve students.

Assignment files are not shared with students.

Submit your assignments, including projects, via email to [email protected].

A group of ASU students listening carefully to Professor Kristen Parrish

Recommend a tutor

Have a particularly high-performing student? Someone have a knack for your subject? Or someone who explains things well to others?

Suggest that they become a tutor in the future!

We are always seeking exceptional students to become tutors. If you would like to recommend a student, please email [email protected].

Thank you!