Alumni Ph.D. students, undergraduates, and postdocs were the true driving force behind the groundbreaking research and innovative advancements in our lab. Their dedication, creativity, and hands-on work propelled science and engineering forward, often turning theoretical concepts into practical applications. Their contributions were invaluable, and I was privileged to have mentored and supported them on their exciting journeys of scientific exploration.

Yasir Yassad Ph.D in MSE 2024 (IBM & Intel)

Sai Uppala M.Sc in MSE 2024 (TSMC)

Kentaro Yumigeta Ph.D in Physics 2023 (postdoc at University of Arizona)

Sushant Lakhavade M.Sc in MSE 2023 (Intel)

Anvesh Yarra, M.Sc in MSE 2022

Shantanu Sinha M.Sc in MSE, 2022 Now: Intel

Mark Blei, M.Sc in MSE 2022 Now: NeuvoGen

Ying Qin PhD in Materials 2021  Now: LamResearch

Han Li PhD in Physics (2021) Now: Process Engineer at Hawei

Yashika Attarde M.Sc in MSE (2021) Process Engineering at TSMC

Pranvera Kolari (M.Sc in MSE 2020) Now: Illumina, Inc.

Shiljashree Vijay (M.Sc in MSE 2020) – Iowa State

Dipesh Trivedi (M.Sc in MSE 2019) – Process engineer at Intel

Michael Durso (B.Sc in MSE 2019) – Ph.D student at M.I.T

Cassie Brayfield (M.Sc in MSE 2019)- Ph.D student at University of California, Davis

Katelyn Kline (M.Sc in Chemical Engineering 2019) – Process Engineer at W. L. Gore & Associates

Ying Qin (M.Sc in Biochemistry 2018) – Ph.D student at Arizona State University (2017-2018)

Kedi Wu (Ph.D in MSE 2018 ) – R&D Engineer at LAm Research (USA) (2014-2018)

Bin Chen (Ph.D in MSE 2018) – Researcher Fellow at University of Toronto (2014-2018)

Hui Cai (Ph.D in MSE 2018) – Asst. Prof. at University of California, Merced (2014-2018)

Sijie Yang (Ph.D In Chemistry 2018) – Postdoc at Arizona State University (2015-2018)

Ashutosh Agarwal (M.Sc in MSE 2018) – Engineer Scientist at Applied Materials (2016-2018)

Wilson Kong (M.Sc. in MSE 2017) – Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University (2015-2017)

Dr. Soumya S. Bhat (Postdoc 2017) – Researcher Scientist at IKST Center India (2016-2017)

Aliya Yano (UG student) – Ph.D student at Texas A&M

Prof. Dr. Xiuqing Meng (Postdoc 2016) – Professor at Zhejiang Normal University (2014-2016)

Sarah Alamdari-Perez (B.Sc Chem Eng. 2016) – Ph.D University of Washington (2014-2016)

Anupum Pant (M.Sc in MSE 2016) – Ph.D candidate at University of Washington (2015-2016)

Xi Fan (M.Sc. in MSE 2016) – Engineer Scientist at ON semiconductor Corp. (2015-2016)

Eddie Vinciguerra (B.Sc Mech Eng. 2015) – SpaceTREx Laboratories, Arizona, USA (2014-2016)

Shane Larson (B.Sc Chem Eng. 2015) – Product Ecology Engineer at Intel Corporation (2014-2015)

Brett Gadberry (B.Sc MSE 2015) – Arizona State University (2014-2015)