Master’s students

Ph.D. Students

Debarati Hajra

MXene growth, MXene devices, CVD growth, Janus crystal synthesis, Electrical Transport

Alan Wu

PLD for 2D Janus synthesis, next gen semiconductors manufacturing

Patrick Hays

Microscopy of 2D and vdW materials, dopants engineering, and excitonics

Renee Sailus

2D materials, Janus crystals, high-pressure studies, spectroscopy

Blake Povilus

Bulk Crystal Growth, and Optical Properties of Janus materials

Melike Erdi

Chiral materials: Synthesis, manufacturing, solution phase processing, and optical characterization

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jan Kopaczek

High pressure studies, high pressure anvil cell, spectroscopy

Undergraduate Students

Gigi Jackson

The synthesis and manufacturing of high mobility semiconductors

Austin Davis

The manufacturing of next gen 2D semiconductors and microscopy