Two papers accepted for IEEE IMS 2018

The papers titled “Non-Line of Sight Terahertz Imaging from a Single Viewpoint” and “A Terahertz Microscopy Technique for Sweat Duct Detection” have been accepted for presentation in IEEE IMS 2018 in Philadelphia. Congratulations to Sai Kiran […]

Paper accepted in IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation

The manuscript titled: “Modeling of mmW and THz Imaging Systems Using Conjugate Field Coupling” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation. Authors: Panagiotis Theofanopoulos and Georgios C. Trichopoulos

Panagiotis Theofanopoulos receives Outstanding User Award

Panagiotis received the Outstanding User Award FY 17 for his work in ASU’s Nanofab facilities. Panagiotis is fabricating on-wafer, large-scale, highly integrated graphene-based switches for terahertz imaging applications.