Spring Semester 2016

EEE241 – Fundamentals Electromagnetics (Hybrid)

Office hours: Office or Skype: Mon, Wed 11:00-12:00pm Skype ID: gtrichopoulos


David K. Cheng, Field and Wave Electromagnetics, 2 nd Edition, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass, 1992.

Course Description: Vector analysis, differential operators, application of Fourier analysis and partial differential equations, scalar, vector fields, electro/magneto statics, time-varying fields, boundary value problems, dielectric, magnetic materials, Maxwell’s equations.

Course Objective: build familiarity with the electromagnetic theory and apply it to practical problems.

Course Outcomes: Understanding of the application of Vector Differential and Integral operators to EM Theory. Understanding of the fundamentals of Electrostatics and Magnetostatics. Understanding of the characteristics of materials and their interactions with EM fields. Recognizing Maxwell’s equations.

Prerequisites: MAT 267, 274 (or 275), MAT 272; PHY 131, 132.

Co-requisite: EEE202.

Grading Policy: A 90%+, B 80%+, C 60%+, D 50%+, Failure below 50%.

Grading Weight: Assignments 20%; Midterm exams 50%; Final exam 30%


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