The Weaver Lab

Biomaterials and Immune Engineering

The Weaver Lab’s research program centers on biomaterials-based strategies for immunoengineering and translatable cell-based therapies. The main thrusts of the lab’s work include engineering transplant sites for cell-based therapies, device design for translatable and immunoisolated cell transplantation, and developing strategies to induce tolerance toward transplanted tissue.

Weaver Lab Members

Current Members:

  • Amy Emerson
  • Emily Slaby
  • Shivani Hiremath
  • Blake Browning
  • Haley Ellis
  • Fidel Saenz
  • Cait O’Brien
  • Simone Gohsman
  • Aayush Shah
  • Maria Perez Martinez
  • Alexis Coakley
  • Jarek Gryskiewicz
  • Keven Sepulveda
  • Chishiba Chilimba
  • Nisong Monyimba
  • Jad Mazboudi
  • Emma Loewgren

Graduated Members:

  • Alec McCall, B Eng
  • Sarah Davis, B Eng
  • Michael Finocchiaro, B Eng
  • Caryn Garza, B Eng
  • Felicia Lindstrom, MS Eng
  • Sarah Brady, , B Eng