Welcome to our Lab at ASU. Our research is primarily focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials for structural and functional applications. We develop new synthesis techniques for thin films and investigate their synthesis-structure-property relationships. The overarching goal is to engineer the microstructure of thin films to enhance their mechanical properties and functionality. Our lab also has an active interest in creating soft, polymer-based micro platforms that can be used as scaffolds for biohybrid devices or for studying cellular mechanics.


Recent News

Ehsan completes his proposal defense.

Rohit Berlia passes his PhD qualifying exam.

Our paper on grain rotations in ultrafine-grained aluminum films is published in Materials and Design (pdf).

Our paper exploring structural rearrangements and anelasticity in nanoscale metallic glass films is published in Materials Research Letters (pdf).

Paul Rasmussen joins our lab. Welcome Paul!

Our paper on PDMS flow in microchannels is published in Soft Matter (pdf).

Our paper on measuring local, atomic-level elastic strains in metallic glass films is published in Ultramicroscopy (pdf).


Related Research Groups: Multiphysics Lab, Computational Mechanics Lab, Peralta Research Group, Chawla Research Group


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