Kicking-off New DOE-funded Research Project

IMG_1423On May 8-9, 2019, a kick-off meeting was held to begin our new research project: “Improving the Reliability of Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Compliance Reviews and EVMS Maturity Level Assessments: Development of an EVMS Maturity Level Rating Index.” Over the course of the next three years, the government and industry research team that includes the US Department of Energy (DOE), US Department of Defense (DOD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and many other outstanding organizations will work with our Arizona State University team to develop a new EVMS Maturity Level Rating Index. The ASU team is led by Dr. G. Edward Gibson and Dr. Mounir El Asmar and supported by Ph.D. students Namho Cho and Vartenie Aramali.

An EVMS is an organization’s project/program management system that integrates a defined set of work scopes, schedules and budgets for effective planning, performance, and management control. A mature and accurate EVMS can provide a clear work scope, budget allocation plan, reliable project schedule, and management strategy. EVMS maturity is the degree of completeness of the system, associated processes, and deliverables that serve as the basis for a successful project or program. In addition, EVMS accuracy is the degree of confidence in the measured level of maturity of the system. This research project will examine the processes and practices that a number of key government agencies and contractors utilize to manage their EVMS, and develop a comprehensive tool that advances the current state of practice. The work will serve a large body of policy makers, project managers, practitioners, and other government and industry stakeholders.