Houqiang Fu Lab

WBG/UWBG Semiconductors and Devices Group

We are the WBG/UWBG Semiconductors and Devices Group led by Dr. Houqiang Fu in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at ASU.

Our research explores novel materials and develops next-generation electronic and photonic/optoelectronic devices and systems to address critical societal needs in Energy Efficiency, Computing, Communication, and Sensing, which are at the interdisciplinary intersection of electrical engineering, materials science, photonics, and physics.  We are currently working on exciting third-generation semiconductors, i.e., wide/ultrawide bandgap (WBG/UWBG) semiconductors such as GaN, gallium oxide, AlN, and BN.

Our current research focuses on wide bandgap semiconductor (i.e., GaN and nitride alloys, Ga2O3 and oxide alloys, AlN, and BN) materials, devices and systems for applications in electronics (e.g., power electronics and ICs, WBG CMOS and RRAM computing, RF/microwave devices and MMICs, sensors) and photonics (e.g., optoelectronics, waveguides, nonlinear optics, quantum photonics). More details can be found in our Research and Publications.


Recent News

04/2024—Dinusha and Bingcheng’s review paper on Ga2O3 heterostructures and heterojunctions was published in Electronics. Congratulations.

04/2024— Dinusha’s paper was selected as “Highlights of 2023” in Applied Physics Express. Congratulations. 


03/2024— Our work on high-voltage AlN Schottky barrier diodes has been featured by Compound Semiconductor. 


02/2024— Dr. Fu has been selected for the NSF CAREER Award to develop high-performance UWBG power devices. 


02/2024— Six papers were accepted to 2024 MRS Spring Meeting. Congratulations to Dinusha, Dawei, Bingcheng and Ziyi.


12/2023—Dinusha’s work on the first 3kV AlN power diodes was accepted to Applied Physics Express! Congratulations!


12/2023—Dawei’s work on the reliability study of vertical GaN PIN diodes was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices! Congratulations!

9/2023—Dawei’s work on Ga2O3 CAVETs was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices! Congratulations!


9/2023—Dinusha’s work on Ga2O3/NiO heterojunctions was accepted to Applied Physics Express! Congratulations!


4/2023—Dinusha won the prestigious ASU Outstanding Research Award! Congrats! The Outstanding Research Award recognizes graduate and professional students who exemplify excellence in research on all ASU campuses.