Welcome to Kailong Jin Research Group Site

The research in Jin Research Group broadly seeks to design, synthesize, engineer, and characterize nanostructured polymeric materials that can help address technological issues in energy, the environment, and sustainability. An important aspect of our laboratory is the use of well-established synthetic chemistries (anionic and controlled free radical polymerizations, photo-polymerization, etc.) to control polymers from a molecular level and processing techniques (fiber manufacturing, 3D printing, twin-screw extrusion, etc.) to engineer their macroscopic properties, respectively. Our current research thrusts include: (1) 3D printing polymer nanocomposites, (2) nanostructured polymer films, (3) covalent organic frameworks (nanoporous polymers), and (4) sustainable polymers for improved chemical circularity.

We are located in Chemical Engineering within the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy in the Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University. Follow us on Twitter for updated news, openings, and opportunities.