Lab Scheduling

Lab Scheduling Method: Send a meeting invite on your own calendar to the facility gmail account to reserve the time shown in the lab calendar. Please include details in the meeting title such as “FTIR_Peter_IR_R_roomtemp” or more details in the calendar note. Thanks!

NETR Group Lab Safety Policy (group member only with ASU login) 

Computer List, Facility Lead, Lab Cleaning Schedule (group member only with ASU login) 

ASU Safety Guidelines on Research Facility and Disinfecting

Meeting and Lab Calendar

Characterization Lab

Far-Field Energy Conversion Lab

Near-Field Thermophotonics Lab

(ISTB4 L1-11A)

FTIR Bench
FTIR Microscope
FTIR Cryostat
FTIR Emissometry
FTIR Fiber Optics


Hotdisk TPS2500
(currently in Prof. Beomjin Kwon’s lab)

Solar Thermal / STPV

Vacuum Thermal / TPV

Cryothermal Space Cooling

Outdoor Ambient Radiative Cooling

Outdoor Vacuum Radiative Cooling

Outdoor Vacuum Solar Power

NFR Plate – Thermal

NFR Plate – Electrical

NFR Tip-Tilt

Vacuum NFR-AFM

Ambient Scanning AFM

Ambient/HV TF-Force


ASU SEMTE IT Support Request (link); ASU SEMTE Facility Job Request (link

ASU Lab HVAC Filter Change Request (link); ASU Gas and LN2 Service (link)