[2022/01/03] Sydney’s Best Paper Award

Congrats to Sydney and all co-authors for their paper titled “Temperature-dependent Optical Characterization of VO2 Thin Film Prepared from Furnace Oxidation Method” selected for best paper award from ES Materials & Manufacturing! Support and recognition […]

[2021/04/06] Four UG thesis projects successfully defended

Big congratulations to Nicole Sluder, Jeremy Chao, Neal Boman, and William Mulkern for successfully defending their undergraduate thesis research projects. Great Job! Thanks ASU Barrett College and committee members for the great support!

[2021/03/30] Hassan’s Best Paper Award

Big Congrats to our lab alumnus Dr. Hassan Alshehri (now an Assistant Professor at King Saud University) and all coauthors for the Best Paper Award on our work about “High-Temperature Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Enhanced […]

[2021/03/26] Vacuum STM/AFM installed!

After one year in the crate due to COVID, the high-vacuum Beetle STM/AFM from RHK is finally installed and operational! This will enable exciting research in experimentally exploring electronic/photonic/phononic energy transfer at extremely small vacuum […]

[2020/10/28] Sydney’s PhD defense and Best Dissertation Award

Big congratulations to Ms. Sydney Taylor on successfully defending her PhD research and winning the prestigious ASU FSE Dean’s Dissertation Award! Best luck to your future endeavors at NASA JSC as a Thermal Engineer on […]

[2020/04/14] Niko’s MS thesis defense

Big congratulations to Joseph Niko Vlastos on successfully defending his MS thesis project on tunable optical force for space propulsion applications!

2019 Fall FURI symposium

Nicole, Jeremy, Neal, Christian and Nicholas are presenting and sharing their research results at the FURI symposium. Congratulations and thanks for their hard work as well as the mentorship from PhD students and postdoc (Sydney, […]

2019 IMECE and poster awards

Sydney and Payam presented posters and gave oral talks at 2019 IMECE conference in Salt Lake City, and enjoyed meeting with scholars. Big congrats to Sydney for winning the “Most Innovative Experimental Poster Award” and […]

Payam’s PhD defense

Payam successfully defended his PhD and Congrats to Dr. Sabbaghi! Thanks the committee for the great advice and help!