Project Status: Ongoing

3D Nanofabrication

We are interested in development of scalable and cost effective three dimensional nanofabrication techniques for variety of applications. Currently, we are particularly interested in development of methods which combine fabrication approaches like deposition (CVD, ALD, […]

Project Status: Ongoing

Heat Transfer in Microscopy

Historically, quantum leaps in microscopy have been followed by commensurate advances in related fields of basic and applied research—“seeing” is often the missing link in understanding the underlying phenomena. Careful application of recent advances in […]

Project Status: Ongoing

Engineered surfaces for enhanced condensation

Development of passive ways to enhance water condensation rate could dramatically improve the energy efficiency of power generation and water desalination. The rate of this phase change process is limited by how quickly condensate can […]

Project Status: Ongoing

Anti-Frosting and Icing Coatings

Frost has long been a problem for human society. Norse mythology describes frost giants, also known as hrimthurs, as primitive beings who oppose the rule of Gods and create havoc and hassle. In modern society the […]

Project Status: Active

Breathable, self-sealing hazmat suits

Without additional cooling, users of traditional protective gear for chemical weapons can overheat in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. Since ice or batteries for cooling are not always available in operational zones, in […]