Small-cap Investment Program

Small-cap investment program

ORIEN is committed to maintaining and advancing FSE’s research activities and will co-invest—with faculty and the Schools—in small capital investment (small-cap) projects to do so.

Small-cap projects

What is a small-cap project?

Small-cap projects cost between $10,000 and $100,000 (though larger investments may be considered in exceptional cases), are related to advancing FSE research, and are not allowable costs on an active grant or upcoming proposal; representative small-cap projects include lab modifications (e.g., HVAC and/or electrical upgrades), lab furniture and fixtures, and select pieces of equipment.

Projects that cost less than $10,000 should be funded by the faculty or School and are not eligible for the small-cap program. Such projects should be reviewed with the School Director.

How are small-cap projects funded?

For approved projects, ORIEN will fund the amount not covered by the faculty and School. This is expected to be 50% for projects less than $50,000, and it may be a greater percentage for larger projects.

Who can apply?

Any member of a School—e.g., a faculty member, the School’s Space Coordinator, or the School Director—may learn more about the process and complete the small-cap application.