The Green laboratory is focused on integrating macromolecular design with controlled synthesis techniques to produce hierarchical and multifunctional materials. In particular, our lab is interested in understanding the interplay between electrostatic interactions and microstructure, inter-phase interactions, thermomechanical properties, and transport. We have active research efforts to apply these fundamental efforts to: i) design new materials to capture CO2 from the air, ii) improve the water permeability through membranes for osmotically driven water purification, iii) tailor the surface activity of silicone surfactants and electrospun fibers, iv) study the polymer microphase separation of ion-containing block polymers, v) analyze the ability of phase-separated ionomers to template nanoparticle location, vi) develop innovative matrix chemistries for thermosets and nanocomposites, and vii) engineering ionomer solution assemblies for biomedical therapies.